Latvijas Gaze resumes buying gas from Russia

  • 2022-07-29
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Natural gas utility Latvijas Gaze has resumed buying gas from Russia, Latvian Television reported on Thursday.

The company's head Aigars Kalvitis said that Latvijas Gaze had resumed purchasing gas from Russia, paying for gas in euros instead of rubles.

During the last month, approximately one terawatt-hour of natural gas was delivered to Latvia from Russia. The gas is not bought from Russia's Gazprom, said Kalvitis, albeit he refused to disclose the name of the new supplier from which gas is bought in Russia.

"Latvijas Gaze is currently buying gas, but not from Gazprom," said Kalvitis, explaining that Latvijas Gaze had another supplier in Russia. He said he could not reveal the supplier's name because "this is commercial information that we cannot discuss in public."

After Russia's invasion of Ukraine, gas supply from Russia to Latvia was interrupted and stopped several times. Gas supply from Russia has been increasing since mid-June.

As reported, earlier this month Saeima passed in the final reading amendments to the Energy Law banning natural gas imports from Russia starting January 1, 2023.