Latvian pupils get to know the world through the eyes of Tutors

  • 2017-12-21
  • Microsoft Latvia/TBT Staff

The first in Latvia 2 Wheels Tutors digital platform was established to create a new way of learning the school programme in an interesting way. Using the platform, Tutors travelling around the world virtually take along uncountable numbers of pupils and acquaint them with the population culture, historical buildings and natural wonders of different countries.

The 2 Wheels Tutors digital platform that was presented on Thursday is created in cooperation with Microsoft Latvia and Datorzinību Centrs and can be found on the portal. This platform enables every teacher to use the materials jointly created by the Tutors and pupils, thus making classes more exciting for pupils. On the platforms, pupils will be able to follow the new expedition of the Tutors and fulfilment of tasks, as well as ask questions about the country, in which the Tutors currently are.

Along with the opening of the platform, the Tutors Mārtiņš Sils and Ģirts Vilnis start their third expedition on motorcycles in the “2 Wheels...” series – “2 Wheels 2 Continents”, in which they ride from Australia to Latvia. After their two months in the land kangaroos, they will cross Indonesia, South Asia, India, Middle East, Turkey, Balkans and Eastern Europe to return home for the Latvia’s centennial anniversary.

“Thirst for knowledge is probably the most adorable attribute in the world, which opens up so many doors and possibilities. The beauty of deeds of the Tutors is that as we travel, we should satisfy the wish to learn, know and experience that is not only our own, but also that of hundreds of small co-travellers! Modern technologies have changed such inquisitive life, remote control travels are similar to virtual classes. It’s not exotic any more. It’s normal. So, the Tutors are now trying to live in tune with the times and hope to be present in more schools and classes”, one of the founders of the movement of Tutors Andžs Ūbelis says.

The tasks to be completed by the Tutors are submitted by pupils in five categories – Culture and Traditions, People, Economy, Nature and Man-Made Objects. For now, 14 schools have already submitted tasks for the Australian phase of the expedition. Similarly to the expeditions in Africa, South America and North America, this time the Tutors will also communicate with pupils sending photo and video messages on the tasks they have fulfilled.

Pupils of the Špoģi School have already tried the possibilities of managing the Tutors expeditions remotely. They are one of the most active submitters of tasks.

“Children asked simple questions for the first competition, but, when they saw the questions asked by other schools and those that were sent later, they understood that they had to dig deeper! For example, we have planned a single class for the Australian competition, which later turned into a regular event over a period of several weeks. Sometimes, pupils were waiting at the classroom door in the morning to get in and start working. This is a unique opportunity to broaden your perspective”, Iveta Grīne,a teacher of Geography in the Špoģi School appraises the initiative.

“In the education of the 21st century, one of the challenges for teachers is to use an approach, which is innovative, in line with the life of youths beyond school and adapted to their interests and career development. While using interactive tools, teachers should demonstrate advantages of technologies allowing to develop new skills, learn new knowledge and broaden their perceptive. The newly created “2 Wheels Tutors digital platform” will help teachers to supplement and diversify learning of educational content, will provide the possibility to broaden knowledge of pupils about the world around them.  The Tutors, in cooperation with schools all over Latvia using the latest technologies, will shape their vision of the world at the same time making the learning process more exciting for teachers and pupils”, Renāte Strazdiņa, the Head of Microsoft Latvia, believes.

“The idea of the Tutors project is another proof that being in step with the times, we can make the learning process interesting and exciting. Observing the Tutors, children get to know the world better and stir up their inquisitiveness. It is possible that this very project will encourage pupils to dare to follow their dreams, get to know the world, become a smart scientist and do something that will be remembered in the history”, Līga Matveja-Vlasova, the Head of the Marketing and Sales Group of Datorzinību centrs says.