Latvian producer prices rose steeper than average in EU in October - Eurostat

  • 2017-12-04
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - In October 2017, Latvian producer prices climbed 3.5 percent against the same month last year, which is steeper than average in the EU, according to the data released by Eurostat today.

In October 2017, producer prices rose in all EU member states against October 2016, with the steepest rise recorded in Belgium (+6.9 percent), followed by Bulgaria (+5.5 percent), Poland (+4.5 percent), Hungary (+4.4 percent), Ireland (+4.3 percent) and Lithuania (+4 percent).

In all EU member states, producer prices climbed 2.6 percent from October 2016 and in the eurozone producer prices rose 2.5 percent.

Compared the previous month - September 2017 - producer prices moved up 0.4 percent both in the EU and the eurozone in October.

Producer prices rose in monthly terms in all EU member states, except Denmark, where they declined 1.5 percent from September, Cyprus and Latvia, where they dropped 0.5 percent, and Estonia, where producer prices declined 0.4 percent. The steepest rise was registered in Belgium (+2.4 percent), Ireland (+1.5 percent), and Romania (+1 percent). Producer prices rose 0.3 percent in Lithuania.