Latvian grocery chains Elvi and top! also stop selling goods of Russian origin

  • 2022-02-25
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Denouncing the war Russia has started in Ukraine, Latvian grocery chains Elvi and top! are following the example set by Rimi and Maxima retailers and will stop selling goods of Russian origin, LETA was told at the companies. 

Elvi Latvija representative Vineta Grigane-Drande told LETA that in response to current events in Ukraine, the grocer's management has decided to stop selling Russian made goods.

In her words, Russian made goods make up only a fraction of the product range available at Elvi stores and that they can be replaced with alternative products made by other producers. 

The company also said that Elvi would stop buying up goods of Russian origin. However, in order to increase waste volumes, the stores will sell out the existing products. 

"Supporting economic sanctions on Russia's ruling elite, we are ceasing purchases of Russian made products," said Elvi Latvija commercial director Laila Vartukapteine.

Ilze Priedite, marketing manager of Iepirkumu Grupa, a company representing top! retail chain, told LETA that top! stores will no longer be selling products made in Russia and Belarus, considering Belarus' involvement in Russia's war against Ukraine. 

In her words, Russian made products make up around 3 percent of the goods sold at top! stores and that the retailer is currently looking for alternatives to these goods. 

As reported, in solidarity with Ukraine and the Ukrainians and taking a stand against Russian aggression against Ukraine, retailers Rimi Baltic and Maxima Latvija have announced that they are stopping selling Russian-origin goods at their stores.