Latvian export of goods to Russia up 2% in August, to Belarus - up 5.4%

  • 2023-10-10
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Latvian export of goods to Russia in August this year rose by 2 percent compared to last August, while export of goods to Belarus increased by 5.4 percent, according to the Central Statistical Bureau. 

In January-August 2023, 367 enterprises exported goods to Russia, 189 – to Belarus.

In turn, the number of enterprises exporting to Russia and Belarus in the corresponding period of 2022 comprised 772 and 339, respectively. 

The number of exporters and importers includes all enterprises that have carried out export and import transactions in accordance with the methodology of foreign trade in goods, regardless of the value of transaction and type of transaction – both direct sales of goods and transactions involving the return of goods, as well as replacement for goods not being returned, processing of goods etc. The total number includes enterprises regardless of the number of transactions during this period (for example, if an enterprise has carried out transactions in several months, it is included in the total number of the period only once).

In January-August 2023, 288 enterprises imported goods from Russia, 217 – from Belarus. The number of enterprises importing goods from these countries in the eight months of 2022 comprised 1,209 enterprises from Russia and 556 – from Belarus.

In January-August 2023, compared to the same period of 2022, there was a significant rise in foreign trade in goods with certain CIS countries. Exports to Kazakhstan has increased by EUR 33 million or 65.9  percent, to Kyrgyzstan – by EUR 31.3 million or 4.5 times, to Uzbekistan – by EUR 13.1 million or 29.5  percent.

In January- August 2023, compared to the eight months of 2022, imports from Uzbekistan has grown by EUR 18.4 million or 4 times, from Kazakhstan – by EUR 15.9 million or 38.2  percent, from Moldova – by EUR 1.5 million or 26.5 percent.

In January-August 2023, compared to the same period of 2022, the number of exporting and importing enterprises has also increased with certain CIS countries. In particular, the rise was observed in the number of enterprises in trade with Kazakhstan – in exports by 111 enterprises, in imports – by 29 enterprises.

Exports to Ukraine in August 2023, compared to August 2022, was mostly cut back by the fall in exports of mineral products (mainly of petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals) of EUR 13.9 million or 86.2 percent. In turn, rise in exports to Russia was mainly affected by the growth in exports of manufacture of foodstuffs (mainly of whiskey) of EUR 7.7 million or 23.6 percent, to Belarus – rise in exports of vehicles and associated transport equipment (mainly of vehicles for transporting 10 or more people) of EUR 0.7 million.

In August 2023, compared to August 2022, reduction in imports from Ukraine was mainly caused by the decrease in imports of products of the chemical and allied industries (mainly of diagnostic or laboratory reagents whether or not on a backing) of EUR 1.1 million or 19.7 percent, imports from Russian by the drop in imports of mineral products (mainly of natural gas and electricity) of EUR 160.8 million or 87.6 percent. Whereas imports from Belarus was promoted by the growth in imports of animal or vegetable fats and oils (mainly of rape, colza or mustard oil and its fractions thereof, whether or not refined) of EUR 3.7 million.