Latvia's ViVaT vaccine software could be further developed for wider use - ZZ Dats

  • 2021-05-20
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Latvia's ViVaT software which was created for the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines, could be further developed for more extensive use, Edzus Zeiris, head of ViVaT developer ZZ Dats, told LETA. 

Zeiris indicated that when it comes to developing ViVaT, it would be necessary to know how the client would want  to use the system in the future. 

"We have developed it as a rather universal system, investing a lot of work in the system itself and the integration of registries and medical systems. It should be used also in the future," Zeiris said. 

The ZZ Dats head believes the ViVaT system definitely has a future because revaccination for Covid-19 will likely be needed on a regular, perhaps annual, basis.  "Of course, all other vaccines could also be included in the system. These could be vaccines for flu, tick-borne encephalitis, or any other jabs."

Zeiris said that the system could be developed for even wider use, including for booking any medical appointments like cancer screenings or magnetic resonance imaging. 

As reported, starting from April 19, a new ViVat platform was launched, ensuring centralized processing of all data related to vaccination for Covid-19.

The agreement on development of the new platform has been signed by the Health Ministry, the National Health Service, the Center for Disease Prevention and Control as the clients and ZZ Dats as the contractor who will further subcontract Kleintech Services, Mobilly, Blue Bridge Technologies, Meditec, Rixcat and Datamed companies.