Latvia and Czech Republic will work together to bring Ukraine's victory closer and help in its restoration - ambassador

  • 2022-12-27
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Latvia and the Czech Republic, both bilaterally and within the European Union (EU) and NATO, will consult and work together in order to bring Ukraine's victory closer, as well as to help in its restoration, the new Latvian ambassador to the Czech Republic, Elita Kuzma, emphasized to LETA.

She points out that the Czech Republic has supported Ukraine at all levels during its presidency of the EU Council. According to the ambassador, a just and sustainable peace in the EU's Eastern Neighborhood is a top priority and a challenge at the same time.

"The Czech Republic actively participates in strengthening Latvia's security with the presence of its armed forces - soldiers and equipment - in NATO's forward presence battle group in Latvia, which has been extended until 2024. The desire to deepen the cooperation of military industry companies has been expressed on both sides," said Kuzma.

Asked about work priorities, the ambassador emphasized that it is important to continue strengthening the dialogue at the level of the new Saeima and the government, especially at a time when the Czech Republic has concluded an important and successful presidency of the EU Council. Kuzma emphasized that the decisions made during the EU Council during the Czech presidency regarding the EU's Eastern neighbors and the Western Balkans region are important for Europe's strategic stability. The ambassador emphasized that it is important to implement these decisions, as well as to keep them in the spotlight.

Kuzma also added that there is potential for the activation of economic relations between the countries, as Latvia's trade balance with the Czech Republic is currently in the negative.

Also, in the ambassador's opinion, the historically established cooperation with Czech regions should be continued.

"The Czech Republic and Latvia also have long traditions in culture and education, especially in the field of linguistics and bookkeeping. In science and research, together with the Latvian Investment and Development Agency, we will promote the involvement of Latvian entrepreneurs in European space programs, where Prague is an important research center," said Kuzma.