Krylov stays after condemning Putin's regime – head of Lithuania's philharmonic

  • 2022-03-03
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – Violinist Sergey Krylov will stay as art director of the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, after he publicly condemned Vladimir Putin's regime and cut his ways back to Russia, Ruta Pruseviciene, head of the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society, told BNS.

"The decisions were made yesterday almost at midnight. Our decision is that the orchestra and the philharmonic society has trust in him, and also his letter has been received, supporting Ukraine and condemning the Putin regime, so everything is fine. Yesterday, the media in Italy where he lives published his statement, and he's also organizing humanitarian aid for Ukraine, so everything is fine," Pruseviciene told BNS on Thursday.

She told the public broadcaster LRT earlier that Krylov, born in Moscow but now an Italian citizen, who also held regular concerts in Russia, was expected to state his position on the war in Ukraine. Otherwise, cooperation with him would be terminated.

The Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society earlier announced its decision to include works of Ukrainain composers and cancel performances of Russian artists to show solidarity with Ukraine.