Kanvas.ai Launches the Baltics First Tezos-based NFT Marketplace

  • 2023-05-26

Estonian art startup, Kanvas.ai is excited to announce the launch of the first Tezos-based NFT marketplace for art in the Baltics - nft.kanvas.ai. With a commitment to showcasing exceptional works of art and promoting the values of creativity, innovation, and community. 

“We are proud to offer our artists a sustainable and supportive platform to showcase their work. We believe that our decision to build on Tezos aligns with our commitment to promoting sustainable practices in the art industry, and we look forward to continuing to support artists who share our values.” says Karola Rianne Mahhova-Reinholm CMO of Kanvas.ai 

Tezos is a leading blockchain that has gained popularity in the art world due to its large community of art collectors, and sustainable and eco-friendly features – making it an ideal choice for artists. 

Tezos stands out for its low carbon footprint, which is a result of its unique proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. This innovative approach to blockchain technology has made Tezos one of the most sustainable blockchains available today, reducing the environmental impact of NFT transactions. 

In addition to its sustainability features, Tezos has a robust community of artists, collectors, and enthusiasts. This community provides an excellent opportunity for artists to connect with like-minded individuals, showcase their work to a wider audience, and gain exposure to potential buyers from around the world. 

Kanvas.ai is thrilled to announce their launch project, "Endless Ocean," a NFT series created by MA+KE lab. "Endless Ocean" is an immersive journey into the mesmerizing world of nature and the ever-changing flow of water. The collection showcases an artistic exploration of parallel realities that seamlessly merge the realms of art and design. With "Endless Ocean," MA+KE lab takes the audience on a journey into a parallel universe, full of beauty, walking hand in hand with melancholy - a place for sanctuary and appreciation. 

Beyond its artistic endeavors, "Endless Ocean" serves as an advocate for environmental preservation and the promotion of a sustainable existence. These thought-provoking artworks offer more than just aesthetic appeal; they provide a glimpse into a parallel universe where our collective efforts towards preserving nature have triumphed, presenting a powerful visual representation of a positive future. 

By owning one of these unique NFTs, buyers become active participants in MA+KE lab's habitat project during its seed phase. The series provides an opportunity for individuals to invest in the

environment actively, making it a perfect fit for those looking to support sustainable practices while owning a unique piece of art. 

"Endless Ocean" is just the beginning of Kanvas.ai's commitment to showcasing exceptional works of art. 

To make investing in art accessible for everyone, Kanvas.ai has launched a campaign on Fundwise to take the platform to the next phase of development. Kanvas.ai is currently looking to raise from 100k to 300k € to implement fractional art investing, expand to new markets, and complete the European Art Index. 

For more information, please visit https://fundwise.me/en/pitch/kanvasai or contact the team via [email protected]

The attached above pictures show Kanvas.ai co-founder and CEO Astrid Laupmaa with Endless Ocean NFT collection and the NFTs physical print on aluminium taken by Karola Rianne Mahhova-Reinholm 

About Tezos 

As a leader in energy-efficient blockchain design,Tezos is the premier blockchain for artists with deep commitments to sustainability and innovation across the arts. Artists using Tezos encompass a global community – one that elevates digital artists in all geographies to share their art with the world. For more information, please visit www.tezos.com.

About Kanvas.ai 

Kanvas.ai is a data-driven platform that empowers artists and galleries with content management tools while enabling investors to invest in art through traditional and alternative payment options. Kanvas.ai provides a secondary market for trading physical art and has recently launched a Web3 platform to offer the same tools for digital art. Kanvas.ai is committed to promoting sustainable practices in the art industry and showcasing exceptional works of art.