June is the month of Denmark in the Tallinn Botanic Garden

  • 2022-06-09

In May 2021, the Tallinn Botanic Garden became the Embassy of the Plant Kingdom for the first time. This June in the botanic garden is dedicated to Denmark – in cooperation with the embassy of this country interesting events for the whole family will be held.

On Saturday, 11 and 18 June, at 12:00 visitors will be able to join botanist Urmas Laansoo, who will lead tours of the Denmark plant. Tour participants will learn how many plants grow in Denmark, which tree is the national symbol of Denmark, which plant is the national flower of this country, and which Danish endemics can be grown in Estonia. A regular ticket to the Tallinn Botanic Garden allows you to take part in the tour. Registration at https://bit.ly/taanitaimed.

In June, the Palm House will host an exhibition on cycling organized by the Danish embassy. For most Danes, cycling is associated with such values  as freedom and health. Photographs of Danish cyclists will be exhibited at the Palm House, and the exhibition will also demonstrate that with adequate infrastructure a bicycle can be used by a person of any age regardless of the weather.

This year, Denmark will be the starting point of the most prestigious race in the world, the Tour de France, which will take place from 1 to 3 July. The start of the race, or the Grand Départ, will be in Copenhagen, and the next two stages will pass through the historical cities of Denmark and its picturesque countryside. Denmark has a network of 12,000 kilometres of national, regional, and local cycling routes.

On June 15, everyone will be able to take part in the flag hunt in the botanic garden – on this day the Dannebrog Day (aka Danish Flag Day or Valdemar Day) is celebrated. According to legend, the Danish flag fell from the sky in Tallinn on June 15, 1219. In honour of the significant event, Danish flags will be hidden in the botanic garden and can be found by studying the photographs. Small prizes await those who find the flags! The game will start on June 15, and visitors to the botanic garden will be able to hunt for flags until the end of the month. Instructions for the game can be obtained in the ticket office.

June 21 is Greenland’s National Day. The event can also be celebrated in the botanic garden, looking at the photos of Maris and Tiit Pruuli, listening to stories about their travels in Greenland and about the vegetation of this island. The kaffemik will mark the ending of the event – traditional Greenlandic coffee drinking. The lecture will start at 17:00. Participation is free with pre-registration at https://bit.ly/Gröönimaa

On June 22 at 16:00, visitors will be able to take part in a walk through the botanic garden led by gastronomy guides Nina and Thomas, as well as in a subsequent workshop that will introduce edible forest plants. The use of wild plants reduces the burden on agriculture and promotes more varied diets. The walk and the workshop are dedicated to the United Nations Sustainable Gastronomy Day celebrated on June 18. The event will be held in English and will last about two hours. Entry is free for registered members: https://bit.ly/fromwildernesstothetable