It is the duty of the civilized world to close the gates of hell opened by Russia's war - Saeima speaker

  • 2023-01-12
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - It is the duty of the civilized world to close the gates of hell Russia has opened with its war, Saeima Speaker Edvards Smiltens (United List) said while addressing Ukraine's Verkhovna Rada during visit to Kyiv on Thursday. 

"With your heroism you have achieved the impossible - a true awakening! Both on the battlefields and by sending such a strong impulse of courage and resolve that it has reached every corner of the free world, it has reached the hearts of billions of people," Smiltens said, stressing that Ukrainians' struggle has given rise to an unprecedented wave of solidarity and human cooperation, making people to appreciate "the most important - our freedom, independence and democracy".

As LETA was told at the Saeima press office, the Smiltens-led delegation has arrived in Kyiv to express support and solidarity with the Ukrainian people. The Saeima speaker started his visit by meeting with Verkhovna Rada Chairman Ruslan Stefanchuk who thanked Latvia for its support to Ukraine and its people, including for welcoming and accommodating Ukrainian civilians. In the Ukrainian capital, Smiltens and his delegation are scheduled to meet also with other high-ranked Ukrainian officials. 

Addressing lawmakers in Ukrainian, the Saeima speaker said that "in fact, the Soviet Union is finally collapsing right now. It is collapsing in front of our eyes on Ukraine's battlefields and in our hearts, geopolitically and personally". The Saeima speaker noted that Russia's bloodthirsty dictator had planned on reviving the Soviet Union in an even more abominable form by opening the gates of hell on Ukrainian soil. "Now, it is the duty of the whole civilized world to close these gates together," said Smiltens. 

The speaker said that the human relief that is delivered from Latvia to Ukraine on a daily basis reflect the foundations of humanness and deeply rooted common values and understanding of "what is good and what - evil, where is truth and where - lies". 

The parliament speaker also mentioned Latvians' efforts to make thousands of Ukrainian refugees feel at home in Latvia where they have found refuge from the horrors of war. "Right now, the civilized world is obliged to prove that it is the power of rights, not rights to power that are ruling the world," Smiltens said, stressing that Latvia unequivocally supports Russia's international isolation, strengthening the sanctions regime and calling Russia to account. 

Smiltens promised that Latvia's political, military, financial, humanitarian and human support to Ukraine will continued. "You deserve your place in Europe which will be free, strong, united and secure," the Saeima speaker said.