It is difficult for Ukrainian refugees to find housing in Latvia - NGO

  • 2022-06-01
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - More than 60 percent of Ukrainian refugees in Latvia say that it is difficult for them to find housing, according to a survey conducted by Tavi Draugi NGO.

Also, 53 percent of refugees said that it is difficult for them to find jobs, 20 percent have difficulties with food products, 22 percent said that they do not receive sufficient emotional support. More than 40 percent of the Ukrainian would like to participate in emotional support groups and 20 percent are in need of psychological consultations.

Tavi Draugi chairman Ulvis Noviks said that since the start of the war, the organization has helped about 10,000 Ukrainian residents, providing humanitarian assistance to about 150 people a day and consulting another 100 people on different matters.

In relation to most popular channels of information, more than 70 percent of Ukrainians in Latvia use Telegram and Facebook platforms, more than one third receives information from the Riga support center and website

Noviks said that it is important to provide information on the channels Ukrainians are using for communication, and it is important to share it in Ukrainian or possibly Russian. Lack of clear and comprehensive information is one of the problem issues that should be solved by the state, local governments and NGOs, he said.

Tavi Draugi conducted the survey on May 23-31, polling 640 respondents.