Intestinal enterococci found in water samples from Stroomi Beach

  • 2021-07-14
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - Intestinal enterococci in amounts bigger than allowed for bathing water were found in samples of water from Tallinn's Stroomi Beach, and the authorities have recommended against going swimming on said beach due to the pollution.

Water samples taken from Stroomi Beach on Monday contained intestinal enterococci in excess of the limit valid for bathing water, spokespeople for security firm G4S reported. A purple flag was raised at the beach to indicate that the water is polluted and swimming is not recommended.

Caution is required first and foremost from children, older people and people with a weaker immune system. Swallowing of water should be avoided, as intestinal enterococci can cause diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Starting from this year, in addition to the green, yellow and red flags, the purple flag is also used on the beaches of Tallinn.

"The purple flag means that there is pollution in the water, such as blue-green algae or some bacteria, and it is not recommended to go swimming," Henry Seemel, head of the beach guard service at G4S Estonia, said. Flags fly on the beaches during the beach guard's working hours.