International delivery company Venipak acquires Dutch e-commerce wholesaler Strengholt Entertainment BV

  • 2023-05-24

International delivery company Venipak announced the acquisition of the Dutch company Strengholt Entertainment BV, an e-commerce wholesaler based in the Netherlands and active throughout Europe. The transaction builds a significant global e-commerce market player, able to provide and deliver a massive range of high and premium-class products worldwide.  

Acquired by Venipak B.V. Dutch Holding company with Lithuanian ownership, now enters the Group's structure complementing the delivery business by wholesale channels for e-commerce. This acquisition is expected to form the basis for the expansion of Venipak's efulfillment in Europe and its air freight services across the continents of Europe, Asia, and the Americas.  

Meanwhile, Strengholt Entertainment will gain momentum to expand its B2B operations internationally and start activities in the B2C segment.  

'Strengholt Entertainment has a wide range of high and premium-class products, a developed IT infrastructure, and a network of partners. However, they have not developed an international model to bring their products closer to customers, reach them faster, and expand internationally more quickly. We will fill this gap in Europe and connect it to the Asian and US markets,' says Nerijus Raudonis, the owner of delivery company Venipak.  

'Strengholt Entertainment has been operating in the market for around twelve years and has grown into a large e-commerce B2B player. Now we are in the phase where the company is ready for the next step, which is to expand its presence internationally and through the customer segments. To do this, we needed a strategic partner, and the synergies we found with Venipak perfectly fitted us,' Michel van der Wal, managing director of Strengholt Entertainment, adds.  

According to N. Raudonis, Venipak plans to set up around 20 efulfillment centers in Europe to distribute the most relevant goods for that region. Plans are also underway to include Chinese and, in the future, US branches in the wholesale trade, bringing high-quality domestically produced goods to Europe. 

The companies complement each other in expertise in products and services, such as sales, IT technology, marketing, and distribution. It enables both entities to expand suppliers and customer base, access new markets, and strengthen joint competitive positions focusing on sales and logistics.  

Venipak’s lead legal counsel in the acquisition was Attorney at Law Edgaras Margevičius (Prevence law firm).

About Venipak Group  

Founded two decades ago in Lithuania, delivery company Venipak has quickly grown into an international company and now has a presence in the Baltics, Poland, and China, also covering worldwide delivery through partners' networks. It provides parcel delivery, efulfillment, and air freight services. Venipak operates more than 1000 lockers and pick-up points in the Baltic states and develops 

premium class efulfillment services for e-commerce in the Baltics and Poland and expanding the network to other European countries. 

About Strengholt Entertainment  

Dutch e-commerce wholesaler Strengholt Entertainment BV has been operating for twelve years and since then has grown into a significant market player working with the largest marketplaces in Europe. The company helps suppliers to enter the infrastructure of large online and offline retail chains.