Internal security currently most serious issue in Estonia

  • 2022-03-23
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said at a government press conference on Tuesday that in light of the war in Ukraine, Estonia's most serious issue at present is internal security.

According to Kallas, the biggest security crisis of all time is underway, and since Russia is closest to the Viru region, it affects this region the most.

"There is still no direct military threat to Estonia and our main concern is internal security, that is how we all get along with each other," Kallas, who chaired the government's session in East-Viru County, said.

According to her, no one wants war in their home and Estonia will do everything to ensure this. "The ongoing hybrid war cannot be ignored, either, in the sense that Ukrainian refugees are coming to Estonia and it must be ensured that no internal security concerns develop when receiving them," Kallas said.

She added that the Ukrainians who have escaped from the war are not enemies of Estonia, but must be helped instead. "Our common enemy is Russia's actions in Ukraine at the moment and the country's plans in general," Kallas said.

As of Monday, more than 21,000 refugees have arrived in Estonia. "I commend all those people in Estonia who have opened their hearts and have wanted to help refugees," Kallas said, adding that what is happening is definitely a big burden for local governments.

"We have to take into account that the refugees have not arrived here for only a few months," the prime minister said, emphasizing that helping the refugees must be manageable for both local governments and local residents. To this end, Estonia also hopes to receive support from the European Union. "We need a pan-European solution and support to help refugees," Kallas said.