Interior Ministry to propose declaring state of emergency in some municipalities bordering with Russia

  • 2022-09-26
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Due to the mobilization started in Russia, the Latvian Ministry of the Interior has prepared a proposal to declare a state of emergency in some Latvian municipalities bordering with Russia, Interior Minister Kristaps Eklons (Development/For) told journalists following the weekly coalition meeting on Monday.

The minister indicated that the situation at the border is stable and under control, and that generally the situation at Latvia's borders with Russia and Belarus is better than at the Estonian and Lithuanian borders with the two aggressor states. Eklons warned, however, that the situation can quickly change, especially considering the mobilization declared in Russia.

In its proposal, which will be put before the government on Tuesday, the Ministry of the Interior provides a reasoning behind the necessity to declare a state of emergency. On Monday, the government coalition discussed the proposal's main aspects and unanimously endorsed the proposal.

The main reasons for the necessity to declare the state of emergency is the possibility to attract more resources for border protection and the National Armed Forces, as well as the possibility to introduce a special examination and registration procedure for border crossers, said Eklons.

If the government on Tuesday declares the state of emergency, the measure will be introduced in the largest part of Latvia's eastern border. Considering the increased illegal immigration pressure from Belarus, the Latvian government in August 2021 declared a state of emergency in the municipalities of Ludza, Kraslava and Augsdaugava, as well as in Daugavpils. At present, the state of emergency there has been extended until November 10.

As reported, Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared a mobilization of reserve forces, which has triggered protests and prompted hundreds of thousands of Russian men to flee their country.

By last Saturday, two persons had applied for asylum in Latvia over the mobilization declared in Russia, Eklons said earlier, stressing that mobilization as such is not a sufficient reason for granting asylum in Latvia.