Institutions of defense field switching to green energy

  • 2021-09-14
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – The Estonian Center for Defense Investment is procuring green energy and, as a result, will be issued a renewable energy certificate of origin, valid from September 2021, by the state-owned power generating group Eesti Energia.

The renewable energy certificate of origin shows that the infrastructure managed by the Center for Defense Investment -- for example, the buildings of the bases of the defense forces -- uses only renewable electricity, spokespeople for the Center for Defense Investment said on Tuesday.

"We are pleased to announce that as of September, the buildings in the Center for Defense Investment's area of administration consume for their day-to-day activities electricity produced from renewable energy sources in Estonia. The transition to green energy will help us to meet the goals set in the environmental and climate policy of our area of administration and at the same time support Estonian business," said Heilika Reinvart, head of the infrastructure department at the Center for Defense Investment.

Eesti Energia management board member Agnes Roos described choosing green energy as a very welcome worldview decision. She said it is a pleasure to see that public authorities are also taking the first steps on the green journey, thus setting an example for others.

In addition to the deployment of renewable electricity, the Center for Defense Investment has created and continues to create opportunities for the production of green energy, as well as the installation of self-consumption solar plants. In addition, energy consumption at the compounds  of the defense forces is monitored and the compounds transitioned towards green energy solutions. Besides, a charging infrastructure for hybrid and electric powered vehicles is established for the vehicles of the auxiliary services of the military.

The Center for Defense Investment takes care of procurements for the Estonian Ministry of Defense, the defense forces and other institutions of the Ministry of Defense's area of government and manages and develops their real estate. In order to develop national defense,  more than 250 million euros' worth of products and services are purchased every year, while infrastructure is developed and maintained for more than 70 million euros in total.