Information in other EU languages might appear alongside Latvian on public transport

  • 2024-02-19
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The Justice Ministry has drafted legislative amendments that would allow providing information on public transport not only in Latvian but also other official European Union (EU) languages, according to the bill published on Latvia's web portal of draft legislation TAP. 

According to the Justice Ministry, the draft amendments would ensure that when providing information in public spaces, one of the official EU languages could be used in addition to the national language if this information is related to the provision of public transport services when entering or leaving Latvia, or providing access to an international transport infrastructure facility.

The amendments would thereby ensure that foreign tourists can receive relevant and necessary information in a language they can understand, the Justice Ministry said.

For instance, information in official EU languages would appear on public transport carrying tourists to and from Riga Airport, Riga Central Railway Station, Riga Passenger Port and Riga International Bus Terminal. The proposed amendments would apply also in cases where public transport passengers are carried across Latvia's border.

In cases where information concerns safety, health and events of international importance, the possibility of providing the information in any foreign language is maintained, Justice Ministry said.