In the summer, 12 more service stations of Virši will be equipped with solar panels

  • 2022-07-01

By making greater use of the solar energy benefits, the largest and fastest growing local trader of fuel and alternative energy, AS Virši A (hereinafter - Virši), will equip 12 more service stations with solar panels that will transform sunlight into electricity. By the end of the summer, solar panels will be installed in Virši stations throughout Latvia.

According to the strategic investment plan, Virši will equip up to 14 stations with solar panels by the end of the year. The company's calculations show that the installation of solar power plants in at least half of the 68 Virši service stations will provide a capacity of about 0.5 MW, which will currently rank the company among the largest Latvian solar energy producers. This will not only promote the spread of this environmentally friendly energy source, but also ensure the immediate use of green electricity in the transport sector through development of a charging stations network.

According to Jānis Bethers, Head of Business Development at Virši, the benefits of solar panels are undeniable when it comes to the wise use of resources in the long run: “With the development of technology, also in Latvia, where there are not as many sunny days as we would like, the use of solar energy in the long run can bring tangible economic benefits both to the company itself and to our customers. We install solar systems from 12 to 50 kW in Virši stations. We analyse the available roof space and immediate consumption in the middle of the day in summer to achieve the fastest possible return on investment. In addition, it is not just about the financial benefits, but also about a cleaner environment around us. As a renewable and sustainable source of energy, the sun offers real opportunities to achieve the goals of climate neutrality and strengthen energy independence. We have a clear vision and a plan for the active implementation of solar energy solutions in the coming years, which includes both equipping our service stations and building larger parks.”

The first service station equipped with solar panels in the Virši network has been operating in Brocēni since last year, where a 50 kW solar system is currently installed on the three largest available roofs.