In 2022, Venipak‘s turnover in Estonia grew by 12 percent

  • 2023-01-31

Venipak, an international parcel delivery company, grew its turnover in Estonia by 12% last year. Across the Baltics, the company‘s turnover grew 19% in 2022, the highest growth recorded in Latvia (28%), followed by Lithuania (18%) and Estonia.

In Estonia, at the end of the year Venipak installed the first contactless parcel machine at Lasnamäe Centrum. The company will expand the network to 151 parcel machines this year. Venipak parcel machines come in three sizes, either with 84, 44 or 16 doors, and they will be located outdoors. It will allow 24/7 access to the lockers, which are weatherproof and suitable both for extreme high and low temperatures.

Direct investments have paid off

"Like most businesses, last year we lived in conditions of uncertainty, but we moved purposefully towards the set goals. We managed to maintain growth, although due to geopolitical and economic circumstances we had. The second half of the year was not typical for the commercial market, when deteriorating macroeconomic situation started to affect the consumption. Consumers were waiting for the first heating bills, the big sales of the year and bought with extreme caution. On the other hand, the festive season was intense, and we managed to balance investments and costs," Justas Šablinskas, CEO of Venipak, sums up the year.

According to the head of the parcel company, investments in service quality improvement and customer service last year allowed to increase the customer portfolio, both in the segments of small and large international customers. Last year, the company expanded the network of parcel machines in Lithuania and Latvia, in addition to introducing the first contactless parcel machine in Tallinn.

The parcel sorting terminals operating in the Baltics were also expanded and modernized last year, which will ensure a higher throughput of parcels.

Expanding to Poland, China, Germany

According to Justas Šablinskas, the company expects similar challenges this year as well. "Energy prices will decrease, but employee costs and real estate rent will become more expensive. Therefore, the goal remains the same - to balance the planned quantities of shipments, costs and investments. We will continue to improve the quality of services and consolidate our positions in the Baltic countries. This year we will start the construction of the Vilnius logistics terminal and automation of processes. We have a goal to further strengthen the IT and technology department, because in the long term we see Venipak not only as a standard parcel company that takes the parcel from point A to point B. We have bigger ambitions and are purposefully moving towards them", assures Šablinskas.

This year, the company is expanding its operations in Poland. In addition to shipping parcels by air, Venipak will provide efulfillment service to the businesses in the Baltic countries. A Venipak avia team is also already working in China. The company plans to open a branch in Germany in the near future, as well as expand to other European countries.

Photos: Venipak CEO Justas Šablinskas (photo by Darius Kučys);  Artur Parv, Head of Logistics of Venipak Estonia, at the first Venipak parcel machine in Estonia, at the Lasnamäe Centrum in Tallinn (photo by Oleg Harchenko).

About Venipak Group

Founded in 2004, the international company Venipak offers efficient parcel logistics solutions to businesses and private customers in the Baltic countries, Poland, Germany, the USA and China. The Venipak parcel delivery network with nearly 1000 collection points is today available to customers in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.