Improving your life quality simply – by having the highest quality Reynaers Aluminium windows

  • 2023-07-14

When Linas Kevelaitis, the country manager at Reynaers Aluminium, a leading aluminium systems provider for the global market, joined Reynaers 20 years ago, it was „one of the suppliers“. “Now, we are definitely the market leader, and, undoubtedly, here in Lithuania too, a result of our support to investors, architects, customers,” L. Kevelaitis told The Baltic Times Magazine.

What makes Reynaers Aluminium stand out?

Speaking of Lithuania’s UAB Reynaers Aluminium, I’d like to single out the behaviour we have towards our clients. It is very human – I sometimes think all businesses lack this characteristic. For us, everything is about empathy, attention, honesty, keeping promises, never giving up, trying and embracing novelties, providing the best solutions etc. In a world where so few really listen to you, we are always all ears for all of our customers. We sincerely care for them and we are for them when they need us! Not surprisingly, over the years, most architects and/or investors have become (like) our friends.

We take part in the very early stage of a project by consulting architects and investors, seeing which solution is better, what parameters need to be achieved.

In a word, we are part of the construction process from the beginning and we bring solutions and clear specifications for the initial project. Later on, it becomes very clear who does what and what we need to include in the offer and what we do not. In other words, the investor gets an understanding of what he is investing in, the architect gets his own solution, meanwhile, the general contractor can easily compare offers. If there are no clear specifications, then interpretations appear ensued by miscommunication – all of which can make the later stages and the project more expensive. 

Let’s go to the outset and say here is a General Contractor…

If  there is a General Contractor (GC) who likes the Producer (P) but still has doubts about their quality, Reynaers offers a free service - „inspection of production plant before project start“. It is a very valuable inspection with a summary document issued which shows what is needed to be prepared from an organisational, production and tooling point of view. All projects and constructions are different and an inspection/evaluation is different too.

Second – when the aluminium construction comes to site, Reynaers Lithuania does inspection of installation and „hidden works“. Every construction having special preparation, drainage, decompresion holes, various gasket gluing, adjustments, fixations – all needs to be checked. After the inspection, a special document is issued as a summary, where all parties can see remarks and can control the quality further. Sometimes, during a big project, several such inspections are needed on the site.

As a result, we have much fewer claims after construction, we have plenty of evidences when our preventive visits find mistakes and, definitely, we save our customers’ money who, otherwise, would spend a lot on the exploitation of the building and correcting the shortages. This provides trust from the GC and investors – that’s why they choose us, providing sustainable, long-lived, comfortable solutions.

In a nutshell, we are near – and always nearer – than architects and investors, who often find themselves entangled in requirements, visions and possibilities.

Do you provide guarantees for Reynaers aluminium systems?

In fact, we do – we provide a 10 year system guarantee. This is only about Reynaers aluminium systems, wherein  many and different coverages are specified. This goes together with the insurance policy. Again, this provides additional security for the investor, ensuring that his investment is safe and long term.

Speaking about window producers, who indeed are directly our customers, we offer many additional services too. Starting from basic training for the software to how to calculate windows, how to produce, how to effectively use materials and et cetera.

 Recently, the most wanted training in the Lithuanian market is „advanced training for windows software usage“ where we show how to make processes more effective.

Another very popular training nowadays is „how to save money in competition with the cheap Polish manufacturers“, because it is a problem in our market nowadays. As usual, these cheap manufacturers-suppliers do not evaluate all necessary items and provide a lower price. Investors see this low price but the investors do not know what is behind it. Later, it can lead to even bigger expenses. So our training helps to compare „apples and apples“ and transparently shows advantages of Reynaers systems.

You must have some tutorial on your website?

We do! We have many tools that are available on our international webpage. One of them is an „online video platform“ where the visitor can easily find all possible videos about production of windows-facades-doors, which includes even high end programming of automatic mechanisms which are installed and connected with our windows.

 In addition, we created our own, a local Lithuanian video library about the most common mistakes/advantages in the calculation process. It helps to make learning faster and simpler. We always ask our customer – „tell us what you need more – we‘ll make this video-instruction for You“ (grins)

One more tool that is just coming to Lithuania is the customer factories production management system. It is called “ReynaFlow”. It is when all processes in the factory go via computers/scanners. All info is virtual and shown in a catchy understandable way! Workers can find all needed information there (articles, drawings, sections and etc.) fast too – and can work much more effectively, i.e. less breaks and more time for real work to be done. 

As a success, after installing this system, one of our customers almost reached a 50% increase in the results in sales and turnover. Yet one should keep in mind that he reached this result with the same infrastructure and with the same number of workers. Effectiveness is the key to success!

As a company, do you have a proven record in sustainability?

Reynaers Aluminium has always aimed to minimize its ecological footprint throughout its operations. One of the key focuses is reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The company has invested in energy-efficient technologies and continuously seeks to improve energy efficiency in its manufacturing processes. By optimizing energy usage, Reynaers Aluminium aims to reduce its carbon emissions and contribute to mitigating climate change.

In terms of product design, Reynaers Aluminium strives to develop sustainable solutions that enhance energy efficiency in buildings. Their aluminum systems for windows, doors, and facades are designed to meet high-performance standards, ensuring excellent thermal insulation and minimizing heat loss of sustainable and eco-friendly buildings.

Reynaers Aluminium also places importance on responsible sourcing of materials. The company seeks to work with suppliers who adhere to sustainable practices and comply with environmental regulations. By promoting responsible sourcing, they aim to minimize the environmental impact associated with the extraction and processing of raw materials.

Furthermore, Reynaers Aluminium actively participates in research and development activities to explore new technologies and materials that further enhance sustainability.

By reducing energy consumption, developing energy-efficient products, promoting responsible sourcing, and investing in research and development, the company aims to contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly building industry.

Where would you like to see the company and yourself next?

I see many partners who trust us and we trust them, we cooperate, we do projects worldwide and Reynaers is known for the highest quality and service on the market. 

Obviously, trust plays a very important role in this process. Trust from the architect, trust from the investor, the producer and even from the end user. Everyone can make a mistake – the main issue is how to solve it in a proper way, how to improve it and how to grow further together. Seeing more than yourself around you is needed. Alone we cannot do anything. That’s why I am really thankful for our customers, partners, everybody with whom we are in contact. We appreciate all the remarks given to us, because I truly believe they help us to improve and help make life of a better quality, quite simply – by having the highest quality Reynaers Aluminium windows (grins).