If Ukraine loses war, we will be next - Latvian defense minister

  • 2022-05-25
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Ukraine is fighting also our war, if it loses, we will be next and we will have to pay for it, said Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks (For Development/For), opening the Industry Day at National Armed Forces on Wednesday.

The minister said that the allies have not it fully understood it yet.

Pabriks thanked the countries who are supporting Ukraine - the US, the UK, Poland, the Baltic states, the Nordic countries, still there are countries who should do more.

"There is no time. We are border countries and we are not ready to "pay for meals of others", the minister said.

As reported, Pabriks this week met with representatives of the US Congress Don Bacon, Ruben Gallego and Sara Jacobs and urged them to increase US military assistance to Latvia. 

During the conversation, the Latvian minister underlined the necessity to provide all possible support to Ukraine and indicated that Russia's war in Ukraine will determine the long-term future of Europe or even transatlantic future.

Pabriks called on not to underestimate Russia as it is learning from its mistakes. The Latvian minister also voiced concerns that not all Western countries are providing sufficient support to Ukraine.

Pabriks asserted Latvia's readiness to defend itself and also stressed the necessity to bolster the defense of NATO's eastern flank. The minister urged the US to back increasing NATO's enhanced Forward Presence battalions to brigade-size units and to expand the US's military assistance to Latvia by stepping up presence of its armed forces, including by deploying military capabilities and providing financing for boosting Latvia's defense capabilities.