If Covid-19 incidence does not stop rising, further restriction might be introduced - Vinkele

  • 2020-11-11
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - If Covid-19 incidence does not stop rising, in the future further restrictions might be introduced, said Health Minister Ilze Vinkele (For Development).

In her words, restriction would refer to those areas or behavior that spread the virus most - contacts and mobility.

"Further restrictions would be aimed at gathering of people and mobility," she said, adding that practices in other countries would be considered in this respect.

"We have not had to introduce such harsh restrictions as, for example, regulating people's mobility. Considering practices in other countries, those might be further restrictions on retail. Currently, only some stores are closed during weekends in shopping centers, but there are countries where only pharmacies and groceries are left open," said Vinkele.

"We will not invent anything new. We will have to take the path taken already by other European countries," the minister said, voicing hopes that still, the current restrictions might help in reducing Covid-19 incidence.

As reported, the government's decision to declare a state of emergency in Latvia took effect on November 9.