Hungarian PM criticizes EU policy towards Russia

  • 2018-01-14
  • TASS/TBT Staff

BERLIN - Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban criticized the European Union’s policy towards Russia.

Germany’s Welt am Sonntag published an interview with the prime minister on Sunday.

"The EU does not realize that towards Russia it is necessary to demonstrate at a time both force and readiness for cooperation," the politician said. "The European policy towards Russia is bad, as it is way too one-sided. Hungary has a conditional influence, and the decision is with the EU major countries, which definitely want sanctions against Russia. We have refused from our veto [in context of limitation measures] in order to keep the EU’s unity."

He expressed the opinion "in order to be a good European" it is considered correct to criticize the Russian leaders, and speaking positive words, "even half a phrase," is very risky.

"Anyway, despite this, clearly [Russia’s President Vladimir] Putin once again has made his country strong, Russia is again a player in the international politics," Orban said. "The West puts freedom on the top position. Russia first of all is concerned about keeping united the huge country, and all the rest may come later. The EU, however, cannot understand Russia."