How to run a B2B SaaS company's Instagram page to generate more leads and get more likes for IG

  • 2022-11-25

The Modern B2B market has changed a lot, introducing the Instagram business society to other kinds of products that are valuable for them. In the latest decades, along with the active development of IT technologies, digital products and services have become appreciated and essential for most businesses. And the whole new range of companies emerged, which are focused on selling completely new digital services to their customers. 

This sphere is called SaaS, or "Software as a Service." Of course, social networks have a significant role in this kind of business because some companies sell software that is required to buy 20 Instagram likes or even greater number of Insta likes. And social media is an essential part of most businesses' promoting strategy. 

Hence, this article will explain what SaaS is and how it can be exposed on Instagram to get more clients and IG hearts. 

Software As A Service Explained 

SaaS is a sales model that expects the developing company to create software and place it in a cloud service, carrying on its support and updates. At the same time, clients purchase not the software itself but the opportunity to use it as an API. So such a model is often used for Webhosting, and a more common term that is close to name this kind of service is "Software On Demand."

Such a model is now considered more effective and comfortable for clients, who only have to "rent" the existing software and adapt it for their individual needs instead of investing in the whole development process. People will bring you numerous likes for Instagram, if you teach them use your tools and share valuable information. SaaS programs are usually more common, yet most developing companies provide the options for customization for another price. 

The primary industries and cases of use are:

- Accountancy 


- Office software

- Management systems

- Planning

- Billing

- Human recourses 

- Content management 

- Informational systems 

- Studying control and management 


And many other options. SaaS today has become the more and more popular model, along with other similar ones, that offer different kinds of products and services on demand. 


Thus, the competition between SaaS providers grows, increasing the need for a decent promotion strategy. And here comes IG as the most visible and versatile method to expose your software to the potential customer and gain more Instagram likes. Here are practical tips and hacks for an aspiring SaaS company's Insta account.

Set The Goals

For successful promotion on Instagram to gain many hearts for IG, you must clearly understand why you are doing it and for what purpose you created your page on this platform. In perspective, there can be more than one goal for you to reach in perspective, but focusing on a single one is recommended at the beginning. 

The goal sets the course for your strategy by defining the range of instruments and content types required to reach it. Don't overthink it, and go for the obvious and bald plans, like:

- Improve brand visibility with the help of likes for Instagram; 

- Redirect users to the site; 

- Research and feedback collection; 

- Increase sales.

And other similar points. After you understand why you need Instagram, it will be easier to plan your content and behavior online. 

Improve Brand Visibility

Social networks and Instagram, in particular, is an excellent way to meet your clients because this is one of the most popular networks, with over 1 billion monthly active users who will also bring you likes for IG. The chance to meet your potential customer here is huge. Being active on Insta signals to your customers that you represent a modern and effective brand that can offer good business solutions. 

Reach out to the right audience to make your profile visible and your brand known. For the best result, you should run an Ad campaign that is targeted at your potential clientele based on their interests and behavior online. It will be beneficial to gain more likes for your IG account as well. Instagram provides good built-in analytical tools that help you to define your target group. Still, you can enhance your research by using different tools from third-party services for more exact information. 

Work On Your Visuals 

Since SaaS doesn't offer any physical product that can be a star of your content, you should concentrate on explaining how your software works and for whom it will be helpful. The best way to do that is infographics mixed with honest user experience feedback if you have it. 

Information has to be exposed briefly and attractively, using color, scripting, and typography for your favor to bring more likes for Instagram. Remember that when we speak of B2B products and services, the color scheme and general style have to correspond to the level of your clientele. 

Tip: Nowadays, using typical "business illustration" for your visuals may seem safer, but it is better to look for more innovative designs to elevate your services and stand out from a million other companies on IG who also use such design choices. 


Social media has immensely pushed the industry of personal brands, which collect many likes for Instagram. So, today popular influencers can also be a kind of B2B material, as they are customers and promoters simultaneously. 

Running a popular blog is a challenging task that requires planning and automation, so if you have a service to offer for these purposes, feel free to provide your services to bloggers who acquire many IG likes. As a result, you are gaining a client and feedback that is visible to many other brands and corporations because influencers have the power to attract lots of attention to their lifestyle and experience. Influencer marketing is only sometimes the best decision, but it can be a good solution for certain kinds of software. 

Use All The Formats Instagram Provides

There are many types of content that you can use for better exposure and communication:

- Feed posts are a perfect place for posting essential information about your services in the form of pictures or videos that collect even more IG hearts.

- Instagram Stories are the attention grabber that can help you redirect more people to your profile and your website.

- Instagram Live is a streaming option that can assist you in reaching out to your customers, improving your relationship, and presenting your services and updates.

- Reels are great for connecting with a younger audience and incorporating entertaining content in your range.


B2B promotion seems more complex in any industry, and some SaaS brands can consider that social media is irrelevant to their purposes and will not bring that many Instagram likes. But the truth is that today practically everyone is present on IG, and so do business owners, investors, and top managers. 

The key to success is basically knowing your audience and targeting your content to reach them and collect more likes for Instagram. Also, Insta works excellently as a presentation instrument that can help your potential client to explore your services and make a quicker decision if they need it, so it can be called a filter that is useful for you and your clientele.