How To Buy Instagram Followers, Likes, and Views? Top 15 Sites

  • 2022-09-01

If you are an aspiring influencer or content creator, establishing a solid target audience is the first step you will have to take. You are essentially competing for potential followers with hundreds of popular internet personalities and thousands of prospective ones.

The influencer game is a matter of numbers. The higher your social metrics are, the more likely you become more credible and effective, which will positively impact your social proof.

To overcome the challenge, you can buy Instagram followers, likes, and followers from trusted sites. Let’s check out some of the most reputable growth services sites to buy followers on Instagram and other social media sites.

How To Buy Instagram Followers, Likes, and Views


Unlike its competitors, only provides high-quality service on one platform—Instagram. As such, it has become one of the most reputable growth providers with an extensive track record of satisfied customers. believes that the best way to boost engagement and success is to buy Instagram likes, followers, views, and comments. This way, you may focus on other essential aspects of your marketing strategy, like making creative content without worrying about your social media numbers.

This growth provider focuses on providing organic followers and engagement to keep your account safe. You will attract a real following more easily if your numbers are boosted by organic accounts.

Instant delivery is one of its primary advantages. With, you can see your order processed and delivered in a matter of minutes. Even better, if there are issues with the delivery or quality of its service, is more than willing to provide a refund.

To ensure the promise of exceptional service is fulfilled, has dedicated, round-the-clock customer service representatives ready to assist you. Any inquiries about orders and packages are addressed at the soonest possible time.

If your account experiences a drop in engagement or activity, guarantees that refills will follow. You won’t have to worry about a decrease in follower count or other similar issues that could happen after the order is fulfilled.

Plans start at $2.97 per 100 high-quality followers and $3.95 if you choose premium followers. For 50 high-quality likes, you only pay $1.47 and $3.49 for premium. High-quality views start at $1.99 for 500 views, while premium is priced at $2.95.


One of the reputable sites from which you can buy Instagram followers, likes, and views is This growth provider claims it is the most trusted source of Instagram engagement.

The website promises quick delivery of orders so that customers can establish their online presence faster. If you visit, you will most likely notice pop-ups that indicate an order from specific countries.

After placing your order, you may see it start appearing in 10 minutes because of its reliable system. The website recommends setting your profile public to minimize potential delays and issues.

To buy followers on Instagram from, all you have to do is choose a service, provide your details, and wait for the growth to be available.

While it’s the standard approach most growth providers use, ensures high-quality followers are used instead of fake accounts. According to the website, their followers behave realistically and remain longer, which adds validation and amplifies your social proof.

Besides being a reputable source to buy real Instagram followers from, you may also consider to purchase engagement from other platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Spotify, and Twitch.

For 100 followers, you can buy followers on Instagram for only $2.89. To buy Instagram likes from the site, the 50 likes plan is the base offer at $1.39. If you want to buy Instagram views, $1.99 is the current price for 500 views.


Similar to, this growth provider only offers services for Instagram. Despite being a newcomer, the site is already featured on websites such as Influencive and Hackernoon. claims its services are not produced by fake accounts or fake bots. Instead, it uses real accounts to deliver genuine Instagram growth. Moreover, its system ensures all user data is secured to eliminate any risks to your account.

After your account receives the boost from real followers, you will have better chances of getting a genuine audience. As a result, growing your online presence without the help of growth providers is more achievable.

This website has a strategic approach to finding the audience that fits your niche. Through a targeted approach, your account will get more organic traffic and engagement essential for social media marketing success.

Whether you buy Instagram views, followers, or likes, provides an account manager to handle the order securely. This way, your reputation and brand won’t be put in jeopardy.

The base plan to buy Instagram followers on starts at $2.87 and will get you 100 followers. For 50 IG likes, the site charges $1.37. The high-quality views package starts at $1.87 for 500 views.


When it comes to growth services, there are only a few others with the reputation has. Its services are available for major social media networks, which is advantageous for those who plan to grow numerous accounts across different platforms.

When you buy Instagram followers or other packages, the delivery time can be as short as one hour after the order is verified. Naturally, if you are ordering thousands of followers, it could take longer.

Similar to other reputable sites, has a refund policy for orders that did not meet the customers’ expectations. Plus, its 24-hour support ensures any inquiries or problems are addressed in a timely manner.

According to the website, its services are identical to organic traffic due to the use of permanent, high-quality views, likes, and followers. More importantly, you are less likely to encounter issues related to fake followers and bot accounts.

You can choose from high-quality or premium when you buy Instagram likes and other growth plans from Prices start at $1.99 for 50 followers, $3.67 for 100 likes, and $2.21 for 500 views. If you choose the premium plans, expect the amount to be higher.

5. MegaFamous

MegaFamous offers a number of services that can make your social media strategy be more effective. The website believes that the more IG followers you have, the easier it is to promote your brand.

Among its most prominent qualities is the free refill if the order drops later. In boosting Instagram accounts, it’s essential to have this service because it is normal to experience a drop in followers or likes.

The follower packages of MegaFamous are similar to other growth providers. What makes it stand out is that you don’t have to overspend if you opt to get Instagram followers on this website.

6. PathSocial

When it comes to follower packages, PathSocial has a relatively unique setup. It doesn’t offer the usual plans you see in other growth service providers.

What do we mean by this? With PathSocial, you don’t buy real Instagram followers and wait for the order to be visible within minutes. Instead, the packages are offered on a monthly subscription basis.

You may choose from Instagram Elite or Core. The growth will be visible within two days with the promise of active, real followers.

PathSocial is confident about the quality of its service. Hence, it won’t charge anything if the results are not what you expect. This website claims its support team is based in Los Angeles, California.

7. SMGains

One of the more prolific growth providers around is SMGains. Its website offers numerous services for multiple social networks and streaming sites. If you want to buy Instagram followers cheap, the site is one of the most recommended sources to consider.

The problem is that there is no mention of the delivery time or if it uses bot followers to provide growth services. You may contact SMGains via email or WhatsApp if you want to verify these relevant details.

8. FollowersCart

If you prefer your followers to be from the US, you may want to check out FollowersCart. Since a good chunk of Instagram users is from the United States, the “novelty” of the site can be advantageous.

Moreover, some of the most successful influencers and brands have a US-based audience. If you are living in the country or your target is the US market, considering FollowersCart for growing your IG account makes sense.

You may order Instagram Stories views, IGTV views, followers, likes, comments, and other engagement packages from FollowersCart. The website also offers growth services for Facebook and TikTok.

9. FamousBlast

Growing your Instagram account with the help of FamousBlast is cheap, fast, and easy. It offers some of the most affordable packages you can find while providing safe and secure order delivery.

When buying Instagram followers or other engagement solutions from this site, you can choose between Good and Diamond Quality. If you opt for the latter, the delivery is almost instant with a 180-day guarantee. It also ensures there would be zero chance of dropping orders.

FamousBlast claims it has a 100% record of non-banned customers because the orders are fulfilled manually. This implies you will be in good hands regardless of the package you end up getting.

10. Soclikes features a dynamic range of Instagram growth services. In addition to likes, followers, and views, you may also purchase profile visits, post shares in groups, media saves, and more.

The site also offers auto services. However, having this growth tool enabled on your account can be a double-edged sword. You will get instant engagement, but the accounts used for auto services are usually low-quality followers. If someone checks your stats, they might notice how much of your numbers are boosted artificially.

With, you may choose to get followers on Instagram based on specific countries. This is significantly helpful if you want a targeted approach to your social media strategy. More often than not, you will have more potential to be successful if you follow the aforementioned method.

11. LikesGeek

If you want to get 50,000 IG followers in a single order, LikesGeek might be a worthy consideration. Depending on the quality and quantity of the order you pick, results are completed between five minutes and seven hours.

Other growth providers claim they are capable of delivering orders within minutes. Still, it is commendable that LikesGeek is transparent about the larger orders taking much longer to deliver.

Maximum availability of customer support is one of the distinct advantages of the site. What’s more, any questions and issues about the services are handled by reliable customer service representatives.

On a side note, it is interesting that the primary payment methods are PayPal and Coinbase. Usually, growth websites prefer credit or debit cards.

12. Telegramily

Although the name suggests its services are tailored towards the cloud-based messaging app Telegram, Telegramily also offers various plans for Instagram growth. The site has affordable rates, and you can order as high as 100K followers.

Telegramily claims its services are high-quality with a low drop rate. However, there is no information about how fast the orders are processed or if the social media accounts used for growth are genuine.

For its packages, the lowest order you may avail of is 100 IG followers, 200 likes, and 500 views. You will have to manually enter two or a higher number if you wish to purchase more.

13. InstaHotStar

The services available on InstaHotStar are not much different from other sites. You will see the usual buzzwords like cheap, instant delivery, and 100% guarantee.

InstaHotStar attests that when you attempt to try its services, there wouldn’t be a drop in the orders. While it’s not an uncommon feature, this aspect is still worth considering as other growth providers don’t provide such a guarantee.

It also ensures you get organic followers for your account’s veil of authenticity. Keep in mind that most social media users don’t support the use of growth services. That’s why it is essential to make your growth appear genuine.

You may choose as low as 50 or as high as 500 followers in one order. Expect the delivery completion to take up to seven days. While it’s not as fast as others, InstaHotStar has a refund policy and secured system to ensure optimal service.

14. Instalab

As a dedicated Instagram growth service provider, Instalab promises to help grow your brand on the most popular photo-sharing platform. It believes that visibility and trust are easier to establish when your account has a large number of followers and engagement.

Instalab offers first-class customer support to ensure your overall experience is nothing but positive. What’s more, delivery time is estimated to be within 10 minutes, which is significantly faster than other growth providers.

The packages offered on the site are also convenient because they are categorized professionally for easy reference. You may consider its free trial to get the hang of how the site performs.

15. Flythegram

Not many growth service websites offer options on which followers or accounts are used when you order a plan, but that’s not the case with Flythegram. Instead, it lets you pick if you prefer the US or mixed location accounts and female or male followers. These options might help you build your brand more efficiently.

For instance, if you are an aspiring fashion influencer, you might want to consider ordering female followers. Your account will appear more legitimate since the majority of those who follow fashion posts are female.

Despite the promises of instant delivery and guaranteed support, Flythegram might not be the best option for those who are tight on budget. The lowest number of followers you can order is 500, which is significantly higher as many growth providers offer 50.

Getting IG Engagement From Trusted Providers

With tons of websites out there, picking the right growth service provider can be tricky. The list above might help you save time and effort in choosing the best website that fits your preferences.

In the end, the most important thing is to choose a provider that offers safe and secure Instagram growth services. This way, your account won’t be flagged for bot activity, and you can achieve Instagram fame quickly.

How To Buy Instagram Engagement FAQs

1. Why is Instagram preferred for influencer marketing?

The primary feature of Instagram over other social networking networks is its visual interface. Instagram is the ideal medium to promote content if your brand depends heavily on graphic details or the major part of your strategy showcases your looks or clothing.

Many influencers make their money based on promotional posts on Instagram that display a product with themselves. To this day, it’s still the standard model followed by most brands and influencers.

2. How many followers on Instagram do you need to make money?

Your follower count is one of the first statistics advertisers consider to gauge account influence, as it is the most visible Instagram metric everyone can see. Nonetheless, there is no definite Instagram follower count requirement that works for every influencer in every area.

What companies care about is how engaged the audience is, regardless of follower count. If the followers are active in engaging the posts, it means the influencer can deliver better product recognition and more sales.

3. Is buying IG followers and engagement legal?

No law restricts you from purchasing growth services. However, we recommend using it in moderation. Keep in mind that the end goal is to get Instagram followers that are genuine and organic. After all, that’s where you will have the opportunity to monetize your audience reach.

4. How to buy Instagram growth services safely?

You may consider the top four sites mentioned earlier, as they have excellent customer feedback. These websites don’t require you to provide sensitive data to deliver their services, which means there’s no little to no chance of putting your account at risk.

The websites like Economic Times, Qns, Metro, and Buffalo news also mention as the top Instagram service provider.

5. Can you build your Instagram account without buying followers?

You can always go back to the basics when you opt to grow your account naturally. However, pulling it off would require time, knowledge, effort, and patience.

Using relevant and trending hashtags could expose your posts to more users outside of your current following. You also have to invest in a high-resolution camera to post clear images. Lastly, it’s worth learning how to create graphic posters and edit photos to ensure your posts are engaging for new audiences.