How the pro's use casino bonuses

  • 2022-04-11

Nowadays there are countless online casinos and betting platforms, to game to your heart's content. 

Many of these websites offer attractive bonuses and packages in order to draw in players and to keep them coming back. 

This article is written to help you make the most of your bonuses and to enjoy gaming even more.

Types of bonuses

Online casinos usually offer newly registered players a bonus of some kind. 

Many casinos have elaborate “welcome bonuses”, with deposit bonuses for multiple deposits, additional multipliers and free spins.

The no deposit bonus

This is a bonus that a player receives for free upon signing up for the first time. It can include multipliers that double your winnings or free games for a set period of time.

Deposit bonus

This, on the other hand, is a bonus that is granted when a new player first makes a cash deposit. 

A common type of deposit bonus is additional credit for your account. 

For example, if a casino offers a 100% deposit bonus, if you deposit €100, your account will receive €200. The percentage may vary between casinos.

Free spins

This is the most common type of bonus a casino may offer. It consists of the casino allowing you, the new player, to play their games for free for a set amount of times. 

How many free spins you get depends on the casino's policy. 

Some casinos offers you a certain number of free spins according to how much you put in your first deposit.

When a new game is added to the catalogue of a website, the casino may allow the players to play it for free for the first couple of times.

It may also offer promotional codes sometimes, such as on holidays or special occasions.

Terms and conditions of using bonuses

Each casino has their own terms and conditions regarding the bonuses they offer. 

Most casinos are extremely careful with their visitors, ensuring that you can only use your welcome bonus once, as intended. 

They may also make you play a few times before claiming your bonuses. 

It is done in order to make sure that you don't just claim a bonus and then never play again.

Make sure that you read a casino's rules carefully before playing, to make sure it is compatible with you and your style of gaming. 

Look up the casino's wagering conditions (we will explain them in a moment), as well as deposit and withdrawal methods.

How to make the most of your bonuses

Winning at casino games hinges on luck, but here is a few things you can do to optimize your winnings, by making use of the gifts the casino gives you.

Take the welcome bonus

The Welcome Bonuses are meant as a boost to new players, to help them win the first few times and to get them excited. 

Seasoned players will know to take every chance they get for some extra cash.

If you were offered free spin or multipliers, it would be silly not to make use of them and boost up your winnings, even if they are small. 

Therefore, claim all the welcome bonuses you can and use them.

Do not miss special offers

This is in the same vein as taking all the bonuses you can get. Some casinos offer daily or weekly little gifts, so keep an eye out for them and grab them.

It will also be in your advantage to use promo codes when you find them, which will improve your chances of cashing out as a winner.

Wagering requirements

A wagering requirement, or a wagering condition, is how much a casino demands that you bet on a certain game. 

This can be the minimum betting requirement, or a set price in order to play that game. 

The wagering requirement sometimes runs the risk of clashing with a bonus, making it useless. 

You may receive a 200% deposit bonus, but have it all taken away when you try to play. 

So, before you sign up and accept the bonuses, carefully read the terms and conditions of the casino and calculate if the bonuses are really worth it. If not, there are dozens of other casinos you can visit, with fair conditions.

Know what games to focus on

Be mindful that certain bonuses may only work on certain games that the casino offers. 

Once again, check the terms and conditions to make sure you know which games to use your bonuses on, so you don't waste your money. 

You can play games where no bonuses apply if you want to, but it is good to know, in general, where you can use your bonus money and where you can't.

Know when to stop

Online casinos and online betting can be very addicting. If you are entering a new casino, feel free to use all your welcome bonuses, but know when to stop. 

Once you've used up your bonuses, a casino may offer you to “reload bonuses”. 

This can suck you into a vicious cycle of betting and reloading and betting again until you lose all your money. 

If you find yourself losing badly, fight the temptation of reloading the bonus, leave the site and take a break for some time. 

It hurts to lose money and it can be infuriating, but just how you can optimize your winning, you can have some control on your losing as well. 

Remember to take regular breaks to calm your mind.


Bonuses offered by casino platforms make gaming very fun, especially when they make your winnings even bigger. 

To sum up what has been written above: take every bonus you can get, read the terms and conditions, and take breaks. 

Gaming is about having fun, whether you win or lose. Winning makes it more fun, of course, and we hope that this article helps you in this regard.