How Do Casinos Make Money

  • 2022-06-16

We are all aware of the fact that casinos make money. But we still require clarity on how that is possible because one cannot merely offer a game and end up being a millionaire. The inclusion of the house edge is another factor to consider, one that is known to upset a lot of players.

However, everything does not depend on the house edge alone because it is games that we need to consider first. So here’s a look at some of the generators of revenue on the casino gaming floor.

Slot Machines 

The popularity of slot machines is second to none and there’s no disputing that fact. Thanks to that, these games are always on top and players are on the lookout to explore them. People even go about searching for terms like ‘best casino online’, with the hope of finding a top casino because top casinos always have top games like slot machines.

And when it comes to revenue from slots, casinos gain it through drops, the money that is being put in by players or the ‘handle’, which is the amount of payout that certain players put into the machine with the hope of winning bigger. 

Due to that, slot machines are a stable source of income and will remain so as long as players come forward to explore them.


Slots aren’t the only famous game in town because you also have a money-making game like Roulette. Casinos are known to charge at least 5% of the bets that are placed on gaming tables, thereby opening the door towards some kind of profit.

So whether you win or lose at the Roulette table, casinos will end up with revenue because you have to place a bet if you wish to start playing. So Roulette is another crowd-puller and one of the most famous games at the casino. 


When it comes to Poker, casinos take a different route as they charge a percentage of the total pots before they will be handed out to the winner. This percentage will differ from casino to casino but there might be a limit that everyone follows.

Moreover, Poker is also famous and casinos look to have the right number of gaming tables in order to accommodate players who come in to explore this game. In doing so, casinos will be opening doors for revenue and moving higher up the scale.


Another source of revenue comes from the land of Baccarat which is a popular game that players, especially the high-rollers, come in to explore. As a player playing Baccarat, they will have options such as banker’s bet, players’ bet or even the tie bet.

And when it comes to specific sources of revenue, one needs to know that casinos might charge a 5% commission on the banker’s bets and both the player and the banker will get paid a 1:1 ratio.

While this is not a common figure, it certainly is something that you ought to consider before playing such games.

Casino bonuses 

Bonuses are used to attract players and bring them to the casino floor. It is available both in the offline and online world of gaming and is known to be an ideal way of bringing in players.

However, it can also be considered a form of revenue for casinos because players might end up investing more in the hope of gaining more bonuses. This system will certainly be of great help for casinos as they look to earn money in the long run.