History should remain in the hands of historians, politicians should not interfere - Slovak foreign minister

  • 2020-02-11
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Russia frequently complains about attempts to re-write history, which is why it is very surprising seeing Moscow make such attempts, the Foreign Minister of Slovakia Miroslav Lajcak told LETA in an interview, adding that history should remain in the hands of historians and not on the agenda of politicians.

Asked about Russia's efforts to interpret the start of the Second World War in a more favorable way, the Slovak Foreign Minister said that he is following along these events with considerable concern.

“First of all, history must remain in the hands of historians. Politicians, on the other hand, should look not at history but to the future. That is the role of politicians. When politicians try to interfere in history, we can expect trouble. Second of all, history is quite clear and unambiguous,” said Lajcak. 

“Russia often complains about attempts to rewrite its role in history, so I am surprised to see them do this themselves. We have to stick to the facts and not let history get on the politicians' agendas, because nothing good ever comes from it," he added.

Lajcak asserted that Slovakia is part of the European consensus on EU sanctions against Russia. “We have made it very clear that we will never contradict these sanctions, and we were among those who imposed sanctions on Russia. We also provided special assistance to Ukraine - we built a gas pipeline that connects Slovakia with Ukraine, which can supply gas to Ukraine from the West. This guarantees Ukraine's energy independence. In this way, we proved that European unity is the most important issue for us,” the minister stressed.

At the same time, he said, we should not be afraid to discuss politics with Russia: "This is the work of diplomats and it is our job to discuss such things".

“I must emphasize that sanctions are not political for us. Sanctions are a policy tool. We keep the sanctions in place because the circumstances that led us to impose them have not changed, and as long as they have not changed, we should not change our policy,” Lajcak said.

As reported, Lajcak was in Latvia this past Friday where he met with top state officials and the Adazi military base, where he met with Slovak troops deployed to Latvia as part of the NATO battle group.