Health Ministry working on safe travel certificate but considers pace proposed by EU Commission ambitious

  • 2021-03-25
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The Health Ministry in collaboration with the National Health Service has started work on solutions to introduce the Digital Green Certificate, proposed for safe travel inside the European Union (EU), but considers the European Commission's target to launch the certificate by the summer to be ambitious, LETA was told at the ministry.  

The Health Ministry's representatives argue that in this process, each member state will have to develop appropriate solutions in the framework of their national IT systems to ensure data exchange.

Like before, Latvia would prefer a common EU solution being worked out for a digital vaccination certificate. The Health Ministry supports the European Commission's proposal to introduce the Digital Green Certificate. 

Last week, the European Commission proposed a regulation to create a Digital Green Certificate to facilitate safe free movement inside the EU during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Digital Green Certificate will be a proof that a person has been vaccinated against COVID-19, received a negative test result or recovered from Covid-19. It will be available, free of charge, in digital or paper format. It will include a QR code to ensure security and authenticity of the certificate.