Harmony repeatedly condemns Russia's aggression against Ukraine and endorses EU's efforts to restore compliance with international law

  • 2022-11-10
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The board of Harmony party, which is not represented in the 14th Saeima, has expressly repeated its condemnation of Russia's aggression against Ukraine and support for the European Union's efforts to restore compliance with international law. 

The Harmony board on Thursday indicated that the party will work with the Latvian government to support Ukraine's sovereignty and reduce the suffering of its people.

"Russia's current leadership has deliberately chosen to start a war in Europe - to take arms against their brothers and sisters in Ukraine. Common sense has not won. Today, we are together with the Ukrainian people. We hope that it will have enough strength to defend its land and people," the Harmony board says in a statement. 

Harmony expects whole Europe to stand together in Ukraine's support. 

"We hope that the Russian people will realize its responsibility and that it will be the Russian people who will stop this madness and stop the warmongers in Moscow," the party says in the statement. 

Janis Urbanovics, the long-standing leader of Harmony, said earlier this week that some members of the Harmony board had been asking to call a board meeting to discuss recent remarks about Ukraine made by Daugavpils mayor Andrejs Elksnins (Harmony). 

In an interview with Delfi TV, Elksnins said that Crimea is a part of Russia. 

Urbanovics indicated that Harmony has clearly stated its position on Russia's war in Ukraine, stressing that the justification of the aggressor is incompatible with membership in the party.