Guardtime, KPMG sign agreement on developing global business platform

  • 2019-02-24
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – Guardtime, a cyber security company of Estonian origin, has concluded an agreement with the network of auditing and consulting companies KPMG on the development of a global business platform.

KPMG is the second among the global top four auditing companies alongside Ernst&Young to have recognized the Guardtime blockchain solutions the best on the market through establishing a partnership, the manager of Guardtime Estonia, Ain Aaviksoo, said. He described this as a major recognition for the work done by the company over more than 10 years that opens up fully new opportunities for them globally. 

"KPMG's deep business and technical experience along with Guardtime's blockchain platform drives business transformation in areas that are encumbered with manual processes and where data accuracy, trust, and security are paramount," said Arun Ghosh, national blockchain leader at KPMG.

Guardtime offers companies a platform that is scalable, industrial, and integrates easily into legacy business processes and applications. Using KPMG's blockchain enablement services, KPMG professionals will work with Guardtime to provide strategy, assessment, as well as design and implementation services, Guardtime said.

Guardtime's KSI blockchain technology is in its essence a mathematically ensured cyber security technology for rapid and immutable identification of modifications in digital data and intelligent devices. Blockchain technology makes it possible to discover any and all changes made to digital data, no matter how small, no matter by whom, immediately and with zero error. 

KPMG is an international network of auditing, tax and legal counseling service companies that has members in 154 countries across the globe, which employ altogether over 200,000 specialists. 

Guardtime is a developer of cyber security solutions established in Estonia whose reliable and transparent solutions for e-society enable detecting changes made to data and smart devices.