Govt approves Estonia's principles for handling Russia's aggression against Ukraine

  • 2022-10-13
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - The government approved on Thursday Estonia's principles for handling Russia's aggression against Ukraine, including the prerequisites for launching negotiations for ending the war.

Members of the government said that in the conditions of the escalated Russian aggression, it is important that the government should reassert the principles for Estonia's steadfast support for Ukraine.

"Until there is a reason to presume that Russia has given up its strategic objectives to change the security architecture of Europe and subjugate Ukraine, Estonia will not support any premature peace negotiations," Minister of Foreign Affairs Urmas Reinsalu said.

It is Estonia's position that as a prerequisite for negotiations, Russia must respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine and agree to compensating war damages as well as for the people responsible for the aggression crime and war crimes to be brought to justice in an independent court.

"Ukraine's capability to ensure its sovereignty and restore its territorial integrity is important for all of Europe and Estonia is working hard to ensure maximum support to Ukraine by the West both in terms of ensuring its sovereignty and bringing perpetrators of crimes before an independent court," Reinsalu said.

Estonia is prepared to take the role of publicly spearheading the activities of raising the price of the aggression, isolating Russia internationally and comprehensively supporting Ukraine.

"In addition to defense and humanitarian aid, we also firmly support Ukraine's integration with NATO and the EU," Reinsalu said.

Regardless of Russia's threats of escalation, Estonia together with like-minded countries believes that the price of the aggression must be raised further for Russia and the latter must be continuously isolated internationally. Continued military, economic and political support is needed for Ukraine and a legal assessment needs to be sought for the crimes committed in the country.