Goal should be more convenient data exchange between Latvia, Estonia - Karis

  • 2023-04-25
  • LETA/BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - Estonian President Alar Karis said at a meeting with Latvian head of state Egils Levits on Monday that the joint goal should be a more convenient exchange of data between the data systems of Latvia and Estonia.

According to Karis, Estonia and Latvia can be a synergistic economic space, driven by bold decisions and innovation.

"We have numerous opportunities for scientific cooperation to promote a science-based economy, new technologies in various fields that are environmentally friendly and support sustainable development," he said.

"Our flexibility, together with existing success stories on both sides of the border, is the future source of our common prosperity. This is how we inspire our other partners in Europe and the wider world," the president added.

According to Karis, the goal must be a more convenient data exchange between Latvian and Estonian data systems.

"The soil is favorable for this. Especially considering that the software systems of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania support each other's ID-cards and digital signatures," he said, noting that Estonia and Latvia have built their digital societies step by step over the years.

"This has made business easier and smoother and brought real benefits to people. We save time and money," Karis added.

The Estonian head of state also mentioned the connections between Latvia and Estonia, which must be smoother and faster, therefore Rail Baltic is not an out-of-touch exclusive convenience, but an obvious necessity to connect the region from Poland to Finland. According to Karis, this will have the effect of saving time and money.

"Let us choose the most optimal solution that would ensure the fastest possible pace for moving forward with the project," he said.

Karis also spoke about the more extensive deployment of renewable energy and mentioned the joint offshore wind farm ELWIND, which is part of the wider Baltic Sea wind farm network.

"I am convinced that we here by the Baltic Sea can serve as the green energy engines in the world," he said. "As small and flexible countries, Latvia and Estonia can gain a lot from green growth and green innovation, which is gathering strength. With our cleverness, we can also be a guide for sustainable practices in the world."

Speaking about Russia's war of conquest against Ukraine, the president said that not only the fate of Ukraine is at stake, but the future security arrangement in general.

"What is at stake is what kind of world we will live in in the future," Karis said.

"We are acting together so that the evil attacking Ukraine can be repelled. We are working so that our societies and partners continue to be vigilant and stand by Ukraine, and that doubtful countries perceive that their own fate is also at stake in Russia's aggression," he added.

According to the Estonian head of state, we will be successful only if the free world is continuously and inexorably united, if justice prevails and if we are consistent and tireless in ensuring it.

The Estonian head of state will also meet with Latvian Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins and Riga Mayor Martins Stakis in Riga on Monday.