Gabrielius Landsbergis: Russia cannot be regarded as a strategic partner of the EU due to Crimea and East Ukraine

  • 2015-06-09
  • From wire reports and TBT staff, VILNIUS

A number of representatives from the largest political groups in the European Parliament have expressed support for MEP Gabrielius Landsbergis’ resolution on EU-Russian relations during the European Parliament’s last debates. 

The resolution drafted by Landsbergis states that at present, the Russian Federation cannot be regarded as a strategic partner of the European Union due to its annexation of Crimea in March 2014, and its suspected military involvement in Eastern Ukraine. 

Landsbergis’ resolution states Russia has purposely breached international and democratic norms and treaties.

It also stressed the EU should be more active in eradicating Kremlin-initiated propaganda from its member states and European Partnership countries. 

In the document, Landsbergis suggested the promotion of objective information, and urged Moscow to respect Ukraine’s territorial integrity, as well as completely implement the Minsk agreements in order to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. 

“I think Moscow’s reaction will be hostile,” admitted Landsbergis. “I’m under no illusions.

“The fact that while I was drafting this document, a delegation headed by me was not allowed to enter Russia, and [I believe] that shows the Kremlin does not want its aggression against neighbouring countries to be clearly outlined. 

“Neither does it want its illegal activities surrounding energy in the EU to be revealed, along with various corrupt practices and the distribution of propaganda.”

Furthermore, Landsbergis believes Russia-EU relations cannot be normalised until Moscow returns Crimea to Ukraine.