Former President of Estonia becomes a member of an energy giant's supervisory board

  • 2023-04-12

The Estonian energy group AS Alexela, while preparing for its stock market debut, has brought Marti Hääl from his previous position as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board to be the Chairman of the Management Board, and has included the former President of Estonia and long-time energy expert Kersti Kaljulaid in the company's Supervisory Board.

"Alexela is taking the next step towards the IPO - while we organized and simplified the structure of the group and differentiated the activities of different areas more clearly at the beginning of the year, then the team and roles suitable for fulfilling our strategic goals have now been established," said Marti Hääl, the new Chairman of the Management Board at AS Alexela.

"Alexela has grown from a chain of petrol stations to an energy company, today we are carriers and advocates of many green and innovative initiatives. Kersti Kaljulaid with her open and wide views and her close and clear handwriting as a giver of meaning to changes in the energy field will significantly strengthen our prospects as a company and the Estonian economy as well," Hääl said.    

"Energy management has been my passion for a long time, and after my presidency I have been able to deal with this field significantly more again. I have participated in the activities of Green Tiger, organized round tables and discussions and invested in several energy startups. Of course, speaking is still important, but nevertheless, my hands are itching for practical challenges. There is no shortage of ideas in energy companies, life there runs at full speed, most of them also think about export as the engine of the economy. Sharing my experiences in the supervisory board of one of Estonia's most influential companies is a good opportunity for at least some of this energy to escape from behind the dam," President Kersti Kaljulaid said. 

In addition to Marti Hääl, AS Alexela's management board includes former CEO Aivo Adamson and CFO Karmo Piikmann. In addition to Kersti Kaljulaid, AS Alexela's supervisory board includes Hans Pajoma, Andreas Laane, Priit Penjam and Toomas Virro.

In the middle of this January, Alexela Varahaldus announced the reorganization and simplification of the group's structure. The parent company of the group, Alexela Varahalduse AS, was renamed AVH Grupp AS. Alexela AS focuses on the development of energy business, Bestnet AS on the metal industry and B2G Grupp OÜ (formerly Alexela Group OÜ) on the chemical industry. Businesses belonging to the AVH Grupp employ more than 1,200 people. As a long-term supporter of culture, sports and charity, Alexela has been awarded the prestigious titles of Friend of Culture and Friend of Sports on several occasions.

Alexela is a green Estonian innovator that develops a sustainable network of service stations through the creation of biomethane, LNG, electricity and, in the near future, hydrogen filling up facilities. Alexela produces biomethane based on circular economy principles, in addition to building solar and wind farms. The company has launched an LNG terminal in Hamina, Finland, and develops a renewable energy hydropower storage facility called Energiasalv in Paldiski. Alexela offers its customers a unique range of everyday energy products in Estonia, such as electricity, natural gas, cylinder and tank gas, as well as car fuels in more than 100 service stations across Estonia. Furthermore, the company has 39 convenience stores.