First refugees arrive in Lithuania

  • 2015-12-15
  • The Lithuania Tribune/VILNIUS

On Monday, Tomas Berzinskas, the interior minister's advisor, told the ELTA news agency that the family will be accommodated in Rukla's Refugee Reception Centre after the required documents are filled.

In order to integrate them as quickly as possible, the refugee family will be housed in Rukla for three months instead of the six that were intended earlier. 

Afterwards they will be transferred to the municipality of their choice, where integration assistance will be provided for another twelve months.

Expenses related to the refugees' relocation and integration will be compensated by EU funds.

Prime Minister Algirdas Butekvičius told the national radio on Tuesday that the amount of benefits would be sufficient if their integration was prompt.

A refugee will be paid a monthly allowance of €71 for food and minor expenses during the integration period at the Refugee Reception Centre. 

Once transferred to a municipality, the refugees will receive a monthly allowance for basic needs: one person will receive 256,2 euros, a two-person family will be paid 326,4 euros, and a three-person family will receive 489,6 euros.

In case a family consists of more than three people, 61,2 euros will be allocated per every additional person.

As reported, Lithuania has committed to receive 1,105 refugees from Syria, Iraq, Eritrea and other countries.

This article was originally printed in the Lithuania Tribune.