Financial situation of Latvian National Opera and Ballet is stable - Silins

  • 2020-04-03
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Despite all the scheduled performances cancelled due to the Covid-19 crisis, the financial situation of the Latvian National Opera and Ballet (LNOB) is stable and employees should not worry, the director of the LNOB Egils Silins told TV3 today.

He acknowledged that the length of the LNOB's downtime is not yet known, as it will depend on the government's decision to extend the state of emergency, but even if performances can only resume in the autumn, the opera will cope with its finances unless the state reduces its subsidies.

Silinš explained that state subsidies makes up 70 percent of the LNOB's budget, but the remaining 30 percent is income from the sale of tickets, which are mainly used for the creation of new productions. Consequently, if the revenue from ticket sales decreases, the opera will have to reduce the number of planned new productions, and possibly some performances that have not been performed for several years will appear in the repertoire, as this will save money, the director of the LNOB said.