Expropriation of Jurmala sanatoriums and Moscow House in Riga under discussion with partners in Ukraine

  • 2022-10-24
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - LETA has information that expropriation of Jurmala sanatoriums Belorusija, which belongs to Belarus, and Jantarnij Bereg, which belongs to Russia, as well as the Moscow House in Riga is currently under discussion with partners in Ukraine.

At the beginning of the summer, Justice Minister Janis Bordans (Conservatives) tasked the Justice Ministry's experts with drafting a special law on expropriation of the Jurmala sanatoriums and the Moscow House in Riga.

The minister believes that these properties should be used for accommodation of Ukrainian refugees and rehabilitation of the victims of the war in Ukraine.

LETA has learned that the Justice Ministry's experts have carried out an in-depth study while working on a legal solution, however, taking into account the complexity and unprecedented nature of the issue, an interim report has been prepared to help find a solution that would meet the generally accepted standards of international law.

Further implementation of the Justice Ministry's solutions covered in the report will proceed in close cooperation with partners in Ukraine so as not to harm Ukraine's interests.

The Justice Ministry's report is currently being coordinated with other institutions and will later be presented to the Cabinet of Ministers.

Belorusija has halted operations, while Jantarnij Bereg has closed for reconstruction.

Both sanatoria are subject to international sanctions against Russia and Belarus.