Experimental project unlike any other in the world has been unveiled in Italy

  • 2023-07-07

The world's most unique solar park was opened this week in Interporto Padova, one of Italy's and Europe's main dry ports. Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Europe's largest dry port has developed and implemented this project together with OmnisPower, one of Europe's leading renewable energy companies. 

This experimental project, unparalleled in the world, will ensure energy independence for a port of strategic importance. The new photovoltaic power plant will supply green, self-generated electricity around the clock: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Interporto Padova is Italy's most technologically advanced port, connecting Padua to major Italian and European ports, and important dry port terminals in Central and Northern Europe. The port handles around 8,000 freight trains and 500,000 containers each year. 

The state-owned enterprise has been profitable for many years: in 2022, turnover amounted to EUR 35.7 million. 


Elisa De Berti, Vice President of the Veneto Region, highlighted the strategic importance of the port's infrastructure not only for the Veneto Region and Italy, but also internationally. She stated that investing in sustainability is very important. 

The new experimental power plant, built by OmnisPower, is unique in that it is equipped with a storage system intended to store the electricity generated by the photovoltaic panels, making it possible to generate power even during the night or when weather conditions do not allow for the generation of enough electricity to meet the needs of the terminal. It is the first such system to be installed in a terminal or port in Italy. 


Franco Pasqualetti, President of Interporto Padova, speaking at the celebration held in the historic Bo Palace of the University of Padua, said that the pilot project is another step and a qualitative leap towards sustainability, which will help increase the terminal's capacity to meet the market's needs and reduce the environmental impact. This is what modern logistics should be. 


Over the last 15 years, the port has invested around EUR 100 million in advanced infrastructure and management and technological innovations. 

“That is why today we are the most advanced freight town in Italy,” says Roberto Tosetto, Director of Interporto Padova, and he hopes that investments in alternative energies will soon lead to self-sufficiency. 

The highlight of the pilot project is the advanced OmnisPower energy distribution system. All Interporto Padova's operations require a continuous power supply of 20 MW. Some energy comes from traditional energy sources, but most of it is generated from renewable energy. The innovative technology of OmnisPower plays a key role in this process. 

These processes also employ artificial intelligence to optimise energy flows, making them more efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly. Artificial intelligence analyses the time of day and weather conditions to adapt the flow of electricity to the port's needs. These are the solutions of the future, not just for logistics. 

“This project is a stunning achievement that demonstrates the power of technology and innovation. The solar power park is a bold experiment that is sure to shake up and change the way the world thinks about sustainability. 

Today, when sustainability, social responsibility and preservation of nature are a global priority, this project is an inspiring example not only for Europe, but also for the entire global world,” says Orinta Eivaitė, Chief Executive Officer of OmnisPower. 

With this project, Interporto Padova and OmnisPower have embarked on a very bold experiment with the aim of making the terminal fully self-sufficient, if not disconnecting it from the public electricity grid, and increasing the port's competitiveness in a context of unpredictable electricity market prices.

“This project is unique and the first of its kind in Europe. In the future, we and our partners are planning several more projects where artificial intelligence would be an integral part of the project's success. The unique Interporto Padova project has shown that every company, public facility or private household will soon be able to become independent from the public supplier,” Orinta Eivaitė, Chief Executive Officer of OmnisPower, told journalists after the opening.

As told by Orinta Eivaite, OmnisPower continues to plan intensive expansion in European countries in the coming years. It plans to open another factory in the Baltic States in 2024, while in Italy, together with market leader HOYpower, it will start the production of innovative batteries next year. OmnisPower and HOYPower together are developing advanced battery energy storage controlled by artificial intelligence.

“OmnisPower Group is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of solar power plants, batteries and inverters. The company has a strong track record of innovation in new technologies, research and the development of competitive renewable energy products. 

OmnisPower, a company with more than a decade of international experience, is expanding its operations, increasing its investments and aiming for an even stronger presence in Europe. 

By the end of the year, the first next-generation solar module factory will open in Italy with an annual production capacity of 500 MW. It will feature fully automated and robotic photovoltaic panel production lines, which have been the subject of major investments. Artificial intelligence will be employed to help manage photovoltaic systems for households as well as industrial and energy companies. 

The fast-growing company already has offices in Italy, Germany, Lithuania, Estonia and Scandinavia, as well as many partners around the world. 


More information on OmnisPower: 

OmnisPower is distinguished by the development of innovative products, the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies and the employment of artificial intelligence. The company is shaking up the hot solar market with a growing number of innovations, including a new generation of Top con N-Type double-sided solar modules that provide more efficient electricity generation. 

These modules do not suffer from the sudden decrease in generation efficiency, the so-called degradation, which is usually characteristic of the first year. One of the key features of this new generation of solar modules is that the efficiency of the modules is reduced to just 0.4% per year.

Top con N-Type solar modules are more resistant to high temperatures and generate electricity even on the hottest days. These solar modules are also efficient in low-light conditions and have a higher efficiency than the older generation of Perc type modules. 

OmnisPower solar modules are produced using only high quality Saint-Gobain Glass and DU PONT film, ensuring the longevity of the modules. These are the factors that are needed to give OmnisPower products warranties of up to 25-30 years. High-quality glass allows OmnisPower to ensure that the next generation of double-sided solar modules produced by the company are much lighter than those produced by other manufacturers.

“Sustainability and innovation are the two cornerstones on which today's world and business stand. This fundamentally changes the rules of the business game. We are happy to be part of the implementation of innovation and sustainability in the world. We develop the most innovative products, implement the latest technologies, and employ artificial intelligence,” says Eivaitė. 

Artificial intelligence will reduce energy waste. This solution is expected to optimally reduce human intervention and increase the efficiency of energy use. The market will be offered a wider and more varied choice of products to meet demand.

OmnisPower goes beyond the production of equipment, working with universities and innovation companies to develop new technologies that are expected to revolutionise the market in the near future.