Exhibition of the Chinese artist LI SHUXIAN opens in Riga

  • 2022-08-15

The Contemporary Chinese art is now gaining more and more popularity all over the world. Exhibitions of Chinese artists are becoming regular in Riga, and the main event in August is the exhibition of the Chinese artist Li Shuxian held at the BIArt Gallery.

With the support of the "Riga Society for Chinese Studies", the BIArt Gallery holds the exposition "WOMAN IS LIKE A FLOWER" by LI SHUXIAN.  The exposition opens on August 8 and will run until August 12. There are six paintings of the artist on display at the BIArt Gallery at the Baltic International Academy.

All paintings are painted in watercolor and ink on rice paper. They were created in the traditional style of the Chinese painting "Gongbi". Li Shuxian attended the opening of the exhibition and told the guests of the exhibition about her artwork and style.

Li Shuxian’s artwork combines illusion with realistic plots and shows the magnificent structures of the composition. The paintings are distinguished by an unusual rhythm of filling the void and fullness of space. A unique feature of the artist’s work is rich bright colors.

The exhibition features images of beautiful women, flowers, fish and birds. The gentle blush of the beauties' cheeks, the finest color nuances of flower buds and the plumage of birds introduce viewers into the grandiose world of the Chinese classical painting.

The painting "Buddha Maitreya" takes a special place in the exposition. Spiritual practices have been important for Li Shuxian. She regularly visits Buddhist monasteries, and so the attention to Buddha is no coincidence in the artist's work.

Li Shuxian was born in the south of China in the city of Guangzhou and now lives in both Macau and Latvia. In addition to painting, Li Shuxian pursues poetry and calligraphy, and travels extensively around Europe. Li Shuxian enjoys the culture and scenery of Europe.  The artist has also traveled across Japan, the United States, France, Italy and other countries to observe and study Western and Eastern art.

Having lived in Latvia, Li Shuxian hopes for fruitful cultural cooperation between our countries. In her view, China and Europe have a lot to learn from each other and she hopes to promote the development of two great cultures through art exchange activities. Li Shuxian is Vice-President of the International Association of Culture and Sports "Champion A1".

This exhibition in Riga is the first such experience for Li Shuxian in Latvia and she hopes to have another exhibition in the Latvian capital next year.