Event Guide

  • 2020-07-30


August 01-02, Summer Night’s International Ballet Gala 2020, Estonian National Opera, Tallinn

Summer Night’s International Ballet Gala 2020 in Estonia brings young dancers from around the world to perform a collection of divertissements from your favorite ballets and modern works. The ballet gala in two acts is a unique opportunity to meet with international ballet stars and witness their creative work. This dream-like event is a thrilling evening at the ballet featuring dancers performing exquisite classical and contemporary dance works. Now you can revel in their brilliance and celebrate the culmination of exhilarating dance in an evening filled with beauty, youth and passion. Audiences will see exquisite performances including the premier of a brand-new work. In addition to several international soloists, there will be dancers from the St. Petersburg Mikhailovsky Theater: Ekaterina Borchenko and Ernest Latypov. 

August 15, Street Food Festival, Old Town, Haapsalu

The festival takes place in the Old Town and on that day, the entire Karja Street becomes a promenade of flavors. Haapsalu welcomes anyone to the festival who has a passion for food, flavors, and summer in Haapsalu. The festival program also includes interesting concerts and performances on the stage of the Citizen Tower. For more information please email streetfood@saltrestoran.ee or call (+372) 518 8510.

August 29, Night of Museums, museums all over Estonia

Estonian museums and other exciting places across the whole country will open their doors for visitors, cele
brating the Night of Museums. Museums, galleries, nature centers, etc., will be open for free offering special programs, free tours, workshops – and in many cases, access to spots in the museums which you cannot see on a regular day. In this year the Museum Night will take place under an umbrella theme of “Time in the Night”. You are all welcome to the biggest museum party in Estonia! The museums will be open from 18:00 till 23:00. The full information on the event is available at www.muuseumioo.ee/en 


July 29 – August 26, Summer Concerts, Bergs Bazaar, Riga

Every Wednesday, Riga’s historic Bergs Bazaar Quarter hosts open-air concerts starring esteemed local musicians and popular vocalists. Genres featured include jazz, blues, funk and world music – styles and sounds that partner perfectly with great food and drinks in a charmingly urban atmosphere. For table bookings at wine bar Garage, call 26628833, for bookings at Andaluzijas Suns restaurant, call 67288418.

July 30 – August 27, Jaz in Old Town, Small Guild Garden, Riga

Well-known and popular jazz melodies performed by talented musicians. Jazz must be heard many times before you suddenly get hit with the feeling. And then you do not feel time anymore. Improvisation between musicians and the audience creates and atmosphere of energy and feelings. The true emotions jazz can offer is like an oasis in the synthetic world of music. The performances will take place every Thursday at 17:00 in Riga Old Town, the garden of Small Guild at 3/5 Amatu Street. The entrance is free for everyone.

August 11-16, International Art Exhibition ‘Wings of Riga’, Spilve Airport, Riga

The historical Spilve Airport will host the international art exhibition Wings of Riga, which will be dedicated to the city and aviation. The airport building features monumentalist and baroque styles, with various other important elements - magnificent heavyweight chandeliers and marble finishing. Today, the airport retains its interior design from a bygone era. During the exhibition, various artists, photographers, sculptors and museums from abroad will present their art pieces. The entrance is free of charge for children 12 and under. For the rest, the tickets can be purchased at www.bilesuserviss.lv 

Open till August 30, ‘Twin Paradox’, Solo Exhibition by Rasa Sulca, Riga Art Space, Riga

Rasa Sulca often focuses on metaphysical reality in her art, depicting it concisely and precisely, without visual extravagance, using only a few human figures and an almost empty space. This relationship between human and the environment is characterized by a saturated silence, which creates paintings of supernatural intermediate states, of visual bridges between the real and the potential, the objective and the subjective, the present and the past. This exhibition is a figurative response to the thought experiment of the scientist Albert Einstein, where one twin, rushing through space in a high-speed rocket ship, has aged less than his brother left behind on Earth. In this exhibition, the artist uses the transformations of the images of female twins, placing them in the planes of her works of art, both as direct transmissions and as philosophical reflections on their reunion after a long absence. The tickets prices range EUR 2.50-5.00. To find out more please visit www.makslastelpa.lv 


August 06, Vilnius Burger Fest, Courtyard of the Museum of Theatre, Music and Cinema, Vilnius

The only festival in Lithuania, dedicated to a gourmet burger. Gathers the cream of a booming scene – specialized restaurants, funky food trucks and prominent good food enthusiasts. 15 participants, each preparing at least one burger exclusively for the festival. Craft beverages. 12 hours of discoveries and experiences, new friends, music, sticky fingers and heavenly bliss. Free entry. Learn more at www.ltmkm.lt 

Open till August 30, Solo Exhibition by Arthur Jafa, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius

The CAC summer exhibition season opens with solo exhibitions dedicated to the subject of race and consists of two video installations by American artist Arthur Jafa, who was awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale in 2019. Arthur Jafa explores painful issues of racial politics and identity. The core of his work are various cultural phenomena, beliefs and power dynamics formed on a racial basis in the public space and pop culture. Two of the artist’s films will be shown in Vilnius: “akingdoncomethas” (2018), a montage of African American gospels and sermons complementing and interrupting each other, and a documentary essay film “Dreams Are Colder Than Death” (2014). One of the main people interviewed in the film is the American writer Fred Moten, who represents a new approach applied in the studies of race and culture formed under the influence of feminism. The artist’s work now also reflects the new wave of feminism, having become an important pillar of this progressive theoretical and political movement. Find out more at www.cac.lt 


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