Event Guide

  • 2020-01-30


February 06-09, International Middle Eastern Dance Festival ‘Zafa’, Kuressaare, Saaremaa

Zafa Festival is a four-day international dance festival in Kuressaare, featuring various oriental dance styles and interesting dance concert/competitions on two nights. The festival is meant to attract people to spend their winter holidays in Saaremaa. During four day festival you can take part of hafla, workshops, lectures and boot camp. The festival’s target group is dancers from the island, elsewhere in Estonia, and foreign countries. The program and festival passes guarantee something exciting to do for both beginners and more experienced dancers. Professionals, as well as artists from abroad, will share their knowledge. For more information on the festival please visit www.zafafest.eu/en 

Open till February 09, Mall Paris and Edith Karlson’s Exhibition ‘Sisters’, Art Hall Gallery, Tallinn

The exhibition is about sisters in their best effort to understand one another and the shared choice of being an artist. The exhibition Sisters displays mostly watercolor works and smaller sculptures. And one painting, as to not forget the main activity of the author of the watercolors, Mall Paris. The repetition of these works is maddening at first, but after a while, it wins the heart of the viewer with its subtle nuances. Edith Karlson’s sculptures are either “sculptural watercolors” – colorful floating polyester wax clouds, and smaller abstract concrete compositions. The latter give a gorgeous impression of Sculpting 101 and could serve as a starting point for both the Venus of Willendorf as well as monumental modernist mute memorial. The dual exhibition of Edith Karlson and Mall Paris fits together perfectly, thanks to, obviously, Edith’s materialized and muted dialogue with Mall Paris, whose need to do what she does is unshakable and admirable. To learn more please visit www.kunstihoone.ee/en/ 

February 15-23, Foodlover Restaurants Week, various restaurants in Tallinn

15 to 23 February 2020 will be the fourth Foodlover Restaurants Week where visitors from all over Estonia will be able to visit the participating restaurants on a special menu, which is cheaper than usual. The campaign aims to revitalize the restaurant’s culture with vegetarian food. The list of restaurants and other information is available at www.toidunautleja.ee 

Open throughout Feb-ruary, Exhibition ‘Creating the Self: Emancipating Women in Estonian and Finnish Art’, Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn

This large-scale exhibition focuses on the changes in women’s self-awareness and social position that started in the early 19th century, and that are reflected in the work of female artists and in the way women are depicted. The exhibition will be organized in collaboration with the Ateneum Art Museum and will present comparative Estonian and Finnish art from the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century. To find out more about the exhibition, please visit the museum’s page www.kumu.ekm.ee 


February 10-16, Riga International Short Film Festival 2ANNAS, Splendid Palace, Riga

The 2ANNAS festival will screen films that widen cinema's technical and artistic borders, as well as talk about current subjects locally and around the world. The festival’s organizers will present an unprecedented film experience both in content and in form, emphasizing the experimental nature of cinema and delving into new pursuits. The aim of the festival is to promote the short film genre, acquaint viewers with European and world cinema, as well as observe the development of Baltic film art and trends in the global context. In 2018, 2ANNAS became a member of the international short film association Short Film Conference, thus officially being included on the list of the world’s top 

Open till February 11, International Exhibition of Contemporary and Conceptual Jewelry “Star Luster in Your Window”, Putti Art Gallery, Riga

The winter exhibition will feature artists’ dreams, wishes, thoughts and reflections on the interaction between a man and nature. It is a story of a small star in the vast sky, which, when seen, converts a thought into a jewel. The winter starry sky, with its beauty, mystery and delightful depth, has served as a powerful source of inspiration for the exhibition’s artists. Learn more at www.putti.lv 

February 14, Hollywood Love Stories, 

On Valentine’s Day eve, the Riga Orchestra has invited several soloists to perform in a special concert – the charming Aija Vitolina, the young and charismatic Katrina Paula Felsberga and the beloved Daumants Kalnins will sing well-known Hollywood love songs and duets from such classic movies as the Sound of Music, My Fair Lady and many others. To learn more about the concert and to buy tickets online please visit www.bilesuparadize.lv 

February 16, Plant-Based Food Festival AUGam, Tallinas Street Quarter, Riga

To introduce Riga and city guests to environmentally and animal-friendly food, AUGam is organizing a vegetarian food festival that will bring together around 15 companies to serve a wide variety of vegan meals throughout the day in accordance with the current season. Find out how diverse and rich the vegetarian cuisine is! Delicious burgers, all sorts of sweets and drinks, spicy Asian cuisine, proper “homemade food”, gluten-free and raw-food options – everything you want to taste in one place at the AUGam plant-based food festival. The food festival is organized four times per year – emphasizing the variety of seasonal food that is available at that certain time of the year. The entrance is free.

Open from February 19, Exhibition ‘Jurmala 100’, City Museum, Jurmala

The exhibition is dedicated to the 100th anniversary since the establishment of the city of Jurmala. The exhibition is based on materials and historical testimonies from the collection of the Jurmala City Museum, which tells about the establishment and life in the city of Jurmala at the time and the atmosphere of that era. The exhibition will cover the years since Jurmala was established as a city in 1920 until 1946, when the seaside resort city was incorporated into the city of Riga as the Jurmala Region. The entrance to the exhibition is free. For more information please go to www.visitjurmala.lv 

Open till February 22, Exhibition by Aleksejs Naumovs and Vilen Künnapu ‘Place. Image. Energy’, MuseumLV, Riga

Aleksejs Naumovs is a painter, while Vilen Künnapu – an architect. In this project, Naumovs and Künnapu express their interest in architecture as the embodiment of the place, and the painting as the story and the image. The artists take their energy from the environment and transform it through themselves. The works have been created by painting in plein airs in many parts of the world, and often the creative synergy of the two artists is literal – as they have chosen places to paint together. The entrance to the exhibition is free.

February 26, Chamber Music Concert by Khachaturian Trio, Chamber Hall, VEF Culture Palace, Riga

The world renowned trio, named in honor of the outstanding Armenian composer Aram Khachaturian, is characterized by its virtuoso and brilliant performances, subtle sense of style, warm sound and deep musicality. The Khachaturian Trio was established in 1999 and is made up of three well known chamber musicians – Armine Grigoryan, piano, Karen Shahgaldyan, violin, and Karen Kocharyan, cello. The trio performs a wide range of musical styles. During the Riga concert, the audience will be able to enjoy the music of Sergey Rachmaninov, Arvo Part, Georgs Pelecis, Mikalojus Ciurlionis, Alexander Spendiarov, Arno Babadjanyan and Aram Khachaturian, performed by the trio. To learn more about the concert and to buy tickets online please visit www.bilesuparadize.lv 


February 05, Concert by Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, Lithuanian National Philharmonic, Vilnius

Possibly one of the leading Belgian collectives, Antwerp Symphony Orchestra can boast its long history. Established more than two hundred years ago, in 1814, and today based in the new Queen Elisabeth Hall in Antwerp the Orchestra performs throughout Belgium. 

On February 5, it will visit the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Hall. Together with Czech pianist Lukáš Vondráček, the indisputable winner of the Queen Elisabeth Piano Competition in 2016, and Hong Kongese conductor Elim Chan, current principal conductor of the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, the musicians will present academic music masterpieces. The concert program includes Rachmaninov’s Third Piano Concerto, composed in 1909. Even though it was one of his last compositions, it beams with joy and memories of idyllic walks and horse-riding during summers spent in Ivanovka. Many pianists consider this concerto to be extremely challenging. While the Eight Symphony composed in 1889 by Antonín Dvořák, who called himself “a simple Czech musician”, is the second of his Three Great Symphonies (together with symphonies No. 7 and No. 9). Dvořák composed the symphony in an amazingly short time –two and a-half months. To learn more about the concert and to buy tickets online please visit www.filharmonija.lt 

February 08, Concert by Trio HLK, Jazz Cellar 11, Vilnius

Trio HLK is the union of three distinct, forward thinking musical personalities. A belief in the high art of improvisation and the science of rhythm brings H, L and K together. They address ambitious improvisational frameworks which often resembling contemporary classical music. Their music features dense, complex rhythms and textures, and virtuosic improvisation. Their pieces are strewn with temporal distortions, modulations, implied modulations, rhythmic tricks, and harmonic ambiguities. Whilst they reference a huge and disparate range of styles, their sound distils these styles, unifying them with a unique instrumentation and fearless approach. Audiences and critics inevitably confuse the meeting point of the composed and the improvised, an effect achieved by countless hours the band has spent practicing together. The resulting music operates on a number of levels, making it accessible and cerebral. More information on the event is available on Facebook and tickets can be purchased online at www.kakava.lt 

Open till February 09, French Film Festival ‘Ecrans D’Hiver’, various cinema theatres in Vilnius

It’s a delight for film connoisseurs and Francophiles alike. The cozy and subtle film festival presents an array of film stars and young directors, avant-garde films, and even a program for children. You just might meet your favorite film stars, too. Tickets can be purchased online at www.tiketa.lt and full festival information can be found at www.ziemosekranai.lt 

Open till February 16, Exhibition ‘Meetings in the Previous Century’, National Museum of Lithuania, Vilnius

The photography exhibition Meetings in the Previous Century invites you to meet famous artists of the previous century: they will look at the visitors the same way as they looked at that time, through the photographic lens of photographer Algimantas Kuncius, who has captured cultural life. Learn more at www.lnm.lt 

February 17, Strauss Festival Orchestra Vienna, Concert Hall Compensa, Vilnius

Since the year of its foundation in 1978 the Strauss Festival Orchestra Vienna, with its highly acclaimed performances in the great concert halls of the world has established itself as a top-class ensemble for the authentic interpretation of Viennese music. 

Next to its loyalty to traditional style and the true Viennese sound, the special trademark of the SFO is its charm and joy in making music at the highest artistic level. There is space for humor and entertainment, as well as artistic profoundness during the concerts. The SFO, which consists of members of the large Viennese orchestras and excellent specialists, has developed into a worldwide leading ensemble. Peter Guth, the internationally renowned Strauss specialist shares the post of musical director with Willy Büchler, concert master of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. With the violin in hand they both carry on the tradition of the Strauss dynasty in the 21st century. It is with great optimism and pleasure that the Strauss Festival Orchestra Vienna earns enthusiasm and cheers, proclaiming the eternally youthful fascination of Viennese music. Tickets can be purchased online at www.bilietai.lt and more information on the festival is available at www.sfo-vienna.at 

February 20-23, Vilnius Book Fair, Exhibition and Convention Center “Litexpo”, Vilnius

Since its start in the year of 2000, the International Vilnius Book Fair is the biggest and most important book fair in the Baltic States. It gives a possibility to evaluate the whole publishing market of Lithuania and the neighboring countries. At the same time, it has become the well-known cultural event in Lithuania and the main annual meeting place of publishers, authors and readers that attracts more than 60.000 visitors. The Fair is visited by the stars of the literary and culture from all over the world. Vilnius Book Fair is always dynamic, active and forward-looking. It’s like an adventure story full of life, inspiring those in their twenties and those who were twenty years old 20 years ago. More information is available at www.vilniausknygumuge.lt

February 28, Concert by Filipe Raposo, White Piano Hall, Vilnius

Filipe Raposo, the Lisbon born pianist, collaborated as arranger, composer and pianist alongside many of the leading names in Portuguese music and film. He also worked with big names of the fado scene like Carminho or Camané, and fado singer Joana Amendoeira. They even came together to Vilnius, where they had beautiful concerts with the St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra. Ten years ago Filipe Raposo already played a memorable solo concert at White Piano Hall, which at that time was still called Piano.lt, as part of the Vilnius Jazz Festival. And now he will be back in Vilnius, for one show only at White Piano Hall, the atmospheric concert place in the heart of the Old Town – a perfect spot for a soulful evening with piano solo. He will present “Øcre”, his latest solo recording, and the first one of a trilogy, an artistic reflection on the influence of three colors in art: red, black and white. This time it is “ochre”, kind of a “red”. But can words or colors describe music? They can, but you’d better listen to the art of this talented musician and to the beautiful melodies you can hardly forget once you have heard them. “Øcre” combines original compositions of the pianist with personal arrangements of music from the northern Portuguese region of Trás-os-Montes, the Azores or the world famous classic composers Bach and Monteverdi. Jazz, classic and traditional Portuguese music flow together so naturally in the hands of this magic ‘alchemist of sounds’. Don’t miss one of Portuguese finest musicians. Tickets can be purchased online via www.bilietai.lt