Event Guide

  • 2020-05-01


Open till May 25, The Anatomy of Estonian Art Jewelry 1953-2019, Virtual Tour, Tartu Art Museum

Jewelry is one of the most wide-ranging areas of the applied arts: despite the small size of most pieces of jewelry, they are intimately close to people. This exhibition highlights art jewelry as a means of individual self-expression that values people in diverse ways, offering them new visions and contexts, and it is based on experi¬mentality in ideas, use of materials and the required skills. The emphasis on variety and trans¬formations through time is the reason for the chronological structure of the exhibition. On display are the intricate skills of goldsmiths and the glamour of precious stones, the expressiveness and decorativeness of well-designed forms and the boundless ideas captured in their lavish and symbolic use of materials. Besides jewelry itself, the exhibition also investigates the professional context by revealing the educational and production backgrounds of the art¬ists, explaining the main concepts and materials of jewelry and talking about jewelry exhibitions: many of the factors that have shaped the history of Estonian jewelry. Learn more about the exhibition and take a look at the virtual tours of the Tartu Art Museum at www.tartmus.ee 



May 06-27, Street Food Festival, Kalnciema District, Riga

On Wednesdays it will be possible to visit the Kalnciema Quarter for its weekly Street Food Festival, to enjoy a variety of street food prepared by professionals and enthusiasts, while at the same time enjoying a glass of good wine and some music outdoors with family or friends. Fun activities for the little ones are also always organized. Kalnciema Quarter market works every Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM, complying with the all safety requirements. When visiting the market, you are asked to observe all precautionary measures: wash your hands or disinfect regularly, stay 2 m away, cough at the elbow or use disposable wipes. Disinfectants will be placed on the market. In order to support local farmers and home producers, Kalnciema Quarter and Agenskalna market will also arrange food orders 3 times a week in Agenskalna market Greenhouse. The products can be purchased at market prices and are easily picked up, as there is free parking on the market square. Order pickup is scheduled for Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays from 3 PM to 5 PM. Join WhatsApp group (spam free) https://ej.uz/4tmx to keep up with th updates.



Streaming now, Map of Threads, Virtual Exhibition, University Library, Vilnius 

Unique documentary heritage documents kept at Vilnius University Library become even more open to the public – the library has launched a spectacular digital exhibition “Map of Threads” on an international art and culture platform “Google Arts & Culture”. The exhibition will take its visitors to the rich and intriguing world of one of the most distinguished Jesuit scholars of the 17th century Athanasius Kircher and will lead them through pages that are full of incredible discoveries. The digital exposition “Map of Threads” is presented through the international platform Google Arts & Culture, which at present unites two thousand museums, galleries and various cultural organizations all over the world. It is the first exhibition of Vilnius University Library presented through this platform; moreover Vilnius University Library is the first library in Lithuania presenting its exhibition through the network uniting representatives of arts and culture. The link to the virtual exhibition is here: https://artsandculture.google.com/exhibit/map-of-threads/7wJCK_-Vx6VyIQ