Event Guide

  • 2020-05-28


June 06-12, XV Tallinn Guitar Festival, various venues in Tallinn

Tallinn Guitar Festival has been a leading festival of its genre in the Baltic States and a guitar festival with the longest tradition in Northern-Europe, held annually since 2006. The Festival brings together top guitarists and musicians of all styles and generations, offering memorable concerts at the most emblematic venues of Tallinn. All official information on the Festival is available at www.kitarrifestival.ee/2020/ee/tallinn

June 20-21, Tartu Street Food Festival, various venues in Tartu

Tartu Street Food Festival is a two-day event offering local street food and showcasing a range of cultures and world cuisines at Aparaaditehas (Widget Factory) and surrounds. In 2020 the festival will also focus on serious issues such as eco-friendly diets, food waste and food innovation via lectures, workshops and themed areas. Entertainment will be provided by street musicians and artists and there will be plenty to keep visitors occupied for two whole days. Learn more about the festival at www.culture.ee 



Open throughout June, Solo Exhibition by Kristine Kutepova, ‘Visions’, Riga Art Space, Riga

“Visions” is Kristine Kutepova’s first such large-scale solo exhibition. It will convey a picture of individual scenes and events seen by the young artist, with an equal emphasis on the subtleties of everyday life and the spiritual exploration of Eastern philosophy. The most important thing in a painter’s handwriting is color, shape and texture. The color spaces, their contrasts are most often arranged impulsively, freely and enthusiastically, using both miniature canvas and large formats, so they can be created with fine brush lines. The artist’s view on different topics ranges from abstract to pop artistic visions, where even a discussion on the most serious event can be transformed into something playful. The tickets price range EUR 2.50-5.00. More info on the exhibition can be found at www.makslastelpa.lv 



Open throughout June, Exhibition by Linas Leonas Katinas, ‘Red Becomes White whilst Falling’, National Gallery of Art, Vilnius

‘Red Becomes White Whilst Falling’, an exhibition by Linas Leonas Katinas, invites the audience to gaze upon the artist’s mundus imaginalis: an imaginary world, wherein reflections on quotidian, historical and individual worldviews, cross with the mythic, archetypal and symbolic. Like a bird’s nest, Katinas’ world of painting is constructed from local materials in his environment – the structure relying on, and being dictated by, his intuition. Further, his work utilizes abstraction, tachisme and elements of conceptual art language while simultaneously drawing from spatial-structural thought processes acquired in the fields of architecture, theatre and film. Please note that there might be some slight changes in working hours due to quarantine, thus please double check museum opening hours beforehand. For more information please visit www.lndm.lt