European Union driving force behind Latvia's economic wellbeing

  • 2015-06-16
  • From wire reports and TBT staff, RIGA

According to Latvian marketing and public opinion research centre SKDS, more than 55 percent of residents in the country believe the European Union is the cause of Latvia’s economic wellbeing. 

In 2004, Latvia and Baltic neighbours, Lithuania and Estonia, became EU member states. 

When compared to 2014, the increase of residents who believe Latvia’s economic well being has increased from 46 percent; a jump of nine percent. 

Meanwhile, almost one-third or 28 percent of those asked believe Latvia’s economic well being is driven by Russia and other members of the post-Soviet Commonwealth of Independent States; one of the group’s lowest ratings since 2002. 

In 2014, 31 percent of Latvian residents believed the CIS was the driving force behind Latvia’s wellbeing, with the lowest registered result being registered in 2013 at 17 percent.