EUR 103 mln in Russian, Belarusian assets frozen in Lithuania due to sanctions – FCIS

  • 2023-08-08
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS - More than 103 million euros in Russian and Belarusian assets have so far been frozen in Lithuania due to the existing international sanction, according to the latest data from Lithuania's Financial Crimes Investigation Service as it oversees the implementation of these sanctions in Lithuania.

16 legal and natural persons are subject to the sanctions in Lithuania, and they include 9 Russian companies, as well as six legal and one natural person from Belarus. 

The total amount of frozen funds in the accounts of the Russian companies exceeds 69.51 million US dollars and 810,000 euros. And the total amount of funds frozen in Belarusian companies and individuals' accounts stands at 23.71 million euros and 7.68 million US dollars

The total amount of incoming frozen funds from senders who are subject to the existing EU sanctions exceeds 1.33 million euros, 1.58 million US dollars and 215,000 roubles.

The FCIS notes that one of the main sanction evasion trends includes attempts to import sanctioned goods into the aggressor country, adding that reports of possible violations in most cases have to do with Lithuania-registered companies with a long history of trading with Russia or Belarus.