EU SAVES LIVES Virtual Reality Experience

  • 2018-04-14
  • mc Group

VILNIUS – Vilnius is the very first location of a roadshow that will travel across six European cities which offers an immersive experience into the EU's actions in response to natural and man-made disasters. Visitors will have the opportunity to get an insight into how the EU responds to crises, protects and saves lives. With the latest virtual reality technology, participants will have a unique experience of EU's humanitarian aid and civil protection.

When natural disasters or humanitarian crises threaten people´s lives, efficient aid is vital. The Civil Protection Mechanism of the European Union brings together the resources and expertise of all 28 EU Member States as well as Iceland, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Macedonia and Turkey. When a disaster hits, any country in the world can activate the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, if the national capacities are overwhelmed. This has enabled the EU to respond to major crises over the past years, like: the Tropical Cyclone Irma in the Caribbean (2017), Hurricane Matthew in Haiti (2016), the conflict in Eastern Ukraine (2015), the floods in the Western Balkans (2014) or the Ebola outbreak in West Africa (2014).

Through the goggles: A memorable insight into harsh reality and hope

A breath-taking and educational experience awaits the visitors of the exhibition. A virtual reality camera crew filmed how the EU responds to the current humanitarian crises and disasters in a 360- degree video footage – as never seen before. The audience gets to know more about how the EU saves lives and protect people in Europe and worldwide.

Three virtual reality experiences showcase different operations around the globe.

The first experience gives an insight into the Rohingya crisis - one of the biggest humanitarian crises in the world. The participants of the Virtual Reality Roadshow will have the opportunity to visit an EU-funded project in the refugee camp in Bangladesh.

The second experience gives a chance to the participants to be inside of the cockpit of a Canadair water bomber and extinguishing a massive forest fire in Italy. Visitors are vividly introduced to the damage that such fires have on habitants and nature and how important the EU-coordinated response is.

The third experience will bring you to an earthquake simulation in Denmark, i.e. to one of many Civil Protection Exercises. During these exercises, various civil protection teams such as fire fighters train their skills. The experience shows the importance of the training and preparedness before the disaster hits.

Apart from Vilnius, the Roadshow visits Bucharest, Rome, Berlin, Marseille and Madrid in the following