EU leaders agree on six-month roadmap to regain citizens’ trust

  • 2016-09-17
  • BNS/DPA/TBT Staff

BRATISLAVA - European Union leaders during their summit in Bratislava on Friday agreed on a half-year plan to restore citizens’ trust, as well as ease migration, terrorism, economic, and social issues.

The leaders agreed that uncontrolled streams of migrant cannot be permitted and it is vital to strengthen control of external borders, and that member nations require support both in guaranteeing internal security and in fighting terrorism, spokespeople for the Estonian government stated. The heads of state and government also decided to improve focus on economic growth.

"Terrorism, migration crisis, economic, and social uncertainty are problems that worry people across Europe and solutions must be found for them," Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Roivas stated. "Today's (Friday's) meeting put in place a roadmap for achieving tangible results in these areas.

"There was unity that common values, peace and stability, and prosperity in a united Europe are a historic achievement that has to be preserved and developed," Roivas said.
According to the prime minister, the European economy requires increased transparency both inwardly and outwardly, and free trade agreements and fortification of the internal market are the best propellers of economic growth.

The new plan presents steps to solve migration and its aim is "never to allow return to uncontrolled flows of last year and further bring down number of irregular migrants," upgrade security, battle terrorism, boost EU co-operation in security, and offer better opportunities for youth.

"Bratislava is beginning of a process," the EU leaders said.

"I am pleased that today's discussions passed in a serious and constructive spirit. Although one country has decided to exit the union, we need to focus jointly and openly on citizens' biggest concerns and reinforce achievements as well as the future," Roivas remarked.