EU countries must agree on a process for the allocation of financial resources from Recovery Fund so that it can become operational next year - Slovenian FM

  • 2020-10-21
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - European Union (EU) member states must agree on the process of financial distribution from the Recovery Fund so that it can start working from the beginning of next year, Slovenian Foreign Minister Anze Logar told reporters in Riga today, stressing that this will be one of the priorities of the Slovenian Presidency of the European Union (EU).

After the meeting with Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics (New Unity), Logar emphasized that Slovenia is currently actively preparing to take over the presidency of the EU Council in the second half of next year.

Logar said that he had presented the Latvian Foreign Minister with the main priorities of the Slovenian Presidency, including negotiations on the EU's multi-annual budget and the availability of funding for the Recovery Fund. He emphasized that it was important for the EU member states to agree on the process of allocating the funding from the Recovery Fund, as the economic recovery of the member states depended on it, and clear policy decisions in this context were also expected by EU citizens.

"Many member states have already set out their plans for how this EU economic recovery funding will be used to ensure the stability of their national economic systems," the Slovenian Foreign Minister emphasized.

Logar noted that in the EU context, it was also important to work on the implementation of the Migration and Asylum Pact and the revision of the Dublin Regulation. He pointed out that on September 23, the European Commission presented its project, which was also supported by Slovenia and the Baltic States, offering its views on how to address this issue.

The Slovenian foreign minister emphasized that the issues of the Migration and Asylum Pact were already relevant during the German Presidency. He assumed that discussions on the implementation of the Pact would continue during the Portuguese Presidency.

Meanwhile, Rinkevics pointed out that during the meeting the parties discussed several topical issues concerning cooperation in foreign policy. The ministers also discussed EU enlargement and priorities in the EU context. The Latvian foreign minister said that he thanked the Slovenian foreign minister for the presence of Slovenian soldiers in the NATO Battalion in Adazi.

"We discussed a range of current issues - the situation in Belarus, a range of issues related to our joint action in the form of the Three Seas Initiative. We also discussed China and cooperation on our bilateral relations - economic and political cooperation - and we are interested in this. These talks will continue,'' Rinkevics emphasized.

According to the Latvian foreign minister, taking into account both Slovenia's role in NATO and the fact that Slovenia has started preparing for its presidency in time, today's meeting provided an excellent opportunity to discuss issues that are important for both countries in the EU context.

Rinkevics noted that currently the parties are interested in addressing two important issues, namely to create a unified approach and coordination to combat the Covid-19 pandemic and to take decisions as soon as possible on using the EU budget and the Recovery Fund to improve the economy and overcome the Covid-19 crisis.